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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 18. 27th July 1972

$2000 A Minute Amount — We're All Fools!

$2000 A Minute Amount — We're All Fools!


What a bloody mickey mouse affair! Again the idiots who cling to the microphone like infants to a maternal nipple, successfully distorted the issue such that gullible students ended up voting on a motion, the obvious alternative to which was scarcely mentioned. The intellectual poverty of Mowbray's clique prevented them from presenting the real issue - which was to ensure the $2,000 wasn't financed out of union funds. Instead, they fluffed around, inarticulately - then with chronic pettiness -trying to salvage the situation they had lost for themselves. The sooner the campus reaction employ spokesmen who can speak the sense that so badly needs to be spoken the better. As long as McKinley's morons are allowed to speak on behalf of plausible people like Henry Stubbs (who must finally have felt embarrassed by his zealous right wing supporters), the possibility of the students true feelings on matters ever being expressed are less than minimal.

This being the case, even a 'reactionary' must admit that the leftists played it well once the anti-$2,000 proponents had sufficiently crapped in their own nests. But despite their successful political management their ideological credibility is even less than the right wingers, who can at least be dismissed on the grounds of their bone-headed ignorance. Its laughable that these aspiring Marxists can resort to coercive charity to appease their publically confessed, yet privately non-existent consciences, over the dead and dying Indo-Chinese. I suggest that these well-heeled fat cats, these establishment-sponsored senior scholars from the liberal arts departments, put their charitable moneys where their tiresomely vociferous mouths are. Even they must admit that 30 cents per student is trivial; when Russians and Americans spend $2,000 a millisecond in the same war. But the greater hypocrisy; is that 50% of the students didn't want the money sent from Union sources.

If in fact the leftists were sincerely motivated, rather than personally aspiring, they would have adopted the suggestion to take up a collection on the spot and put all the bullshit to the acid test. Even Mowbray admits he would have given a buck. That being the case think of how much those chronically concerned types like Alick Shaw would have donated.

If we were to prove the genuine nature of our charity (which I doubt we selfish, state-sponsored, 'enlightened' scholars would have done) we would have reached into our pocets at that very meeting and made $2,000 look like the minute amount it really is. At the same time the $2,000 would have remained available for the clubs and societies of the University in the way it was always designed.

Drawing of someone being stabbed in the back

But, I'm dreaming. The meeting wasn't designed to expose our selfishness, it was a genuine and generous manifestation of our solidarity and concern for the maimed Vietnamese. After all 30 cents is no small amount - a milkshake and a sandwich in the caf in fact.

R. A. Priest