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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 23. 21st September 1972


page 12


The N.Z.E.S.P. Society is a research and University orientated body whose aims are to investigate all forms of so-called Extra-Sensory or paranormal pehnomena on a logical scientific basis.

Photo of Mrs Kath Walker

Included in such investigations would be: Telepathy (communication between persons without, apparently, the use of the recognised senses); Precognition or premonitions, including dreams, which apparently predict events which subsequently occur; Spirituistic phenomena, such as Mediumship, Poltergeists, and Hauntings; Ecsomatic Experiences (out of body or astral travel.)

This body grew out of the Auckland University Society For Psychical Research, formed in 1967 and has been in existence for four months.

It is felt that researchers throughout this country need a central body to exchange ideas and research material on these topics, and also a well presented journal along the lines of The International Journal of Parapsychology.

In 1971 a preliminary survey was carried out in Auckland with the help of the news media, to try to gauge the number of such experiences and to find people who would be interested in examining the topic. This proved successful, and the body wishes to extend its research throughout the country.

To date one symposium has been held in Auckland with the guest speaker being Dr. F.W.

Knowles, E.E.G. Department, Sunnyside Hospital Christchurch; who has been active in this research for 40 years, and has had a number of papers published throughout the world. (A transcript of this symposium is available in the University Library.) Should qualified people be obtainable, one symposuim a year is planned.

One member of the committee is preparing a Masters thesis on the topic of survival after death and we are aware of at least one other thesis being prepared in this country.

Interested students and staff are needed to examine reports of phenomena in the Greater Wellington area and also as experimental subjects. However it must be stressed that we are in no way associated with religious or sectarian bodies.

If this article has interested you or you require more information please write to:

The Secretary, N.Z.E.S.P. Society, P.O.Box 6269, Wellesley St. West, Auckland.