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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 23. 21st September 1972

200 Years Rent

200 Years Rent

If we were given enough money — we are asking for 200 years rent for the land stolen — the urban aborigine would probably leave the cities. Given land rights there would be no urban aborigine. We are looking for a separate society within the main Australian society. The white man's education is of no use to us at all. We don't need the sciences it would be of no use to us in our own way fo life. The education we need to fight the political battle ahead can best be given to us by the students who now stand with us. However at present we do not pose a threat. In 5 years time perhaps we will and then the govt, will move to chop those who stand with us as well. With regard to the Queensland laws they are sending out screeds of material exposing the Act and asking the public whether they would like the govt. to have such powers over them. The public cant believe that these laws exist. But the Australian is a racist and the immigrants are running from their own black people and coming to Australia where the black is well behaved. They think that here we will remain under control.

The Panthers feel that the only good white man is a dead one. That makes them as racist as the white, but perhaps I am too optimistic. They may say this only to frighten them. I dont know. However I believe that we must get the best together so the people of the world can live together. However the Panthers say the white man cannot be trusted. They can cite many examples of lies and cheating. They say that he is a greedy man and that he is a violent man and they are correct, but we are stuck with him, he won't go away. I feel page 13 that before you bring on a revolution you must know what you are going to do after the revolution. We are only 1 percent of the population, I feel that the Panthers may be committing suicide, our job is to stay alive.