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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 23. 21st September 1972

Church Control

Church Control

What the Moanjim people outside of Derby have done is to turn their backs on the white man and are living their own life. But they are still under the ultimate control of the Presbytarian church. That church has tried to give these people their land back but the Govt. is placing obstacles in their way, the church runs foul of the govt. in this area. They are determined to hand the land back but the law is built in such a way that they must negotiate with the govt. before they can. However they do run their own lives and they do have self determination. There is about 200 people and they show our flag, the blood and the black. They are allowed to hunt their own food and they are the healthiest people I have seen. They make their own minds up and the church takes it. It is important the factory manager is a payed servant of my people. We do not stand in the way of progress as long as we control our own destiny. If we discovered minerals on our land then we would find it easier to control our own destinies. We do not stand in the way of progress.

We want to chuck out the white man's liquor, and another law would be set up... keep away from our women and they mean it. They would put in schools and hold the right to hire and fire. They would fight intermarriage but not forbid it. If this happened the white would have the choice to become an honorary aborigine (god help the word). On the main the Aborigine is not a racist.

"I would like to see a conference between all the indigenous people of the Pacific. We all face common problems and a common enemy and we could produce a very solid charter of rights for the indigenous people of the Pacific.

If the church groups are not prepared to finance such a venture I am prepared to go to Russia or China for backing, perhaps not Russia, but certainly China........ they'll back us."

Photo of Aboriginal children