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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 23. 21st September 1972

Propagandists 1973

Propagandists 1973

It seems that Peter Franks has finally got the upper hand in the Peter Franks — Tony King debate that has haunted Salient correspondence columns all year.

Last week, Franks and Roger Steele were appointed joint editors of Salient 1973. — Mr King your fate next year is sealed. However this doesn't mean that despair must take over. Both Peter Franks and Roger Steele have shown themselves to be volatile writers. Franks is versatile enough to write shit and brilliant critique. Certainly we can expect from these two a Salient of very professional proportions, and with a provocative and critical orientation.

Cappicade, has fallen to the clutches of that veteran of publications who is probably editing the magazine to complete the list, Graeme Collins. This means Cappicade will be good, meaning a lot better than the nondescript garbage that we were landed with this year.

Orientation Handbook which has of late become a sort of 'Yellow Pages' has been promised a spring clean by its Editors Graeme Nesbitt, Les A[unclear: hgj]tkins and Rick

Drivers Union Student Members

NZUSA and the Wellington Drivers Union have come to an agreement over students doing driving work over the summer vacation.

The Union will recognise students who are members of NZUSA and these will be given full membership rights of the Drivers Union for the period of their employment, for a fee of $5. Students concerned are recommended to make membership arrangements prior to commencing employment.

The purpose of such an agreement is to avoid friction between groups of workers and to this end students will be expected to keep in accord with the Union's practices and traditions.

The Union's local area extends to Palmerston North. Anyone wishing to contact them can do so at the Wellington Office, Trades Hall, Vivian St. Ph. 556 019.

Pizza Competition and "The Love Root"

Bring your Pizza along between 7.30 and 8pm to the smoking room (S.U.B.) Enjoy at 8pm "The Love Root" an Italian movie with English subtitles then at 9.30pm back to the Smoking Room where a cookery book on Italian food will be given as a prize to the best pizza maker. Pizza Wine, Movie, Music - All for 50c come along. Bring your pizza - All welcome.

Bryant. Nesbitt has promised the magazine will be 'grouse and real freaky', so next years freshers will be subverted earlier in the piece.

Unfortunately Argot, the associations literary magazine has been ignored in the grab for the more prestigious positions. Argot is possibly the least known of Varsity publications, yet is often the best. Someone must be interested in fostering literature so for your information the position of editor is still open.

Lastly we come to Treasurer, the man who does a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Warwyck Dewe proved both in Easter Tournament and in publications that he is efficient and his re-election was undoubtedly deserved. Still these Commerce gentlemen seem to share a golden thread, and like Byron Cullen, Warwyck will learn that money is a necessary evil, and is to be regarded sanely only in times of crisis.

This impressive line-up and enthusiastic team will spend every cent of your dollar levy for the revolution.

Peter Boshier.


The Ground floor Caf is now serving mini-meals on menu items that are easily divisible. These are small helpings for lower prices and have been brought in at the request of students.

vegetarian meals

Every day the Ground floor Caf will now be including one vegetarian item in the hot meal menu This is again in response to a petition by a number of students who do not eat meat.