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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 16. 12th July 1973

Nuclear Hypocrisy

Nuclear Hypocrisy

Dear Sirs,

End your hypocrisy! You criticise France for atmospheric nuclear tests, yet you support the Chinese "People's " Republic's recent effort. It seems to me, that you are saying that an action in itself is not right or wrong, it depends on who commits it. If an action is done by the New Zealand Government, USA, France South Vietnam, South Africa, Cambodia, Singapore, etc......it's wrong, whatever it is; and if the same thing is done by USSR, China, Albania, North Vietnam, etc........, it is right. This recent issue of atmospheric nuclear testing highlights this. It's about time you ended your own hypocrisy — it's the actions in themselves that are right or wrong, it does not depend on who does them.


Vaughn Westmoreland.