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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 22. 1973

SouthPacific Studies

SouthPacific Studies

South Pacific Studies header

South Pacific, we love you, but you are too costly. This appears to be the underlying theme which has resulted in the procrastination of the university about establishing a Pacific Studies Centre.

A Pacific Studies Committee was established by the Professorial Board in 1960 to consider proposals for developing some form of involvement in the Pacific area. Apart from a number of typed memorandums concerning the South Pacific no involvement has been achieved.

In 1965 the committee recommended the establishment of a Pacific Studies Centre. In typical fashion nothing was done. In 1968 the committee reduced its demands and recommended the establishment of a Pacific Studies Resource Centre. Again nothing was done.

This year a report prepared by Professor Joan Metge for the Faculties of Arts and Languages and Literature advocated the setting up of a Pacific Studies Centre. This report was referred to the Pacific Studies Committee who formed a sub-committee (an original idea) to consider the report and to make recommendations regarding the development of Pacific studies.

The sub-committee's recommendations were referred back to the main committee where it has since been hacked to unrecognisable shreds.

While the Pacific Studies Committee continues to go around in circles, it is necessary for the students to enlist support for a Pacific Studies Centre. Until there is such a centre no Pacific languages will be taught at this university.

Students should make it known to the deans and professors of the various faculties and departments their desire to see the establishment of a Pacific Studies Centre. A petition concerning the Pacific Studies Centre is being circulated by Tony Rea. Sign it.

It is hoped that when the deans and Vice-Chancellor consider the quinquennial submissions concerning the Pacific Studies Centre they will heed the following Samoan words: Aua Ne'i Tatou Va'ai. I Tua I Le Ita. Po'o I Luma I Le Fefe. Ae Vaai ma Le I Loaina. (We should not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness).