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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 23. 23rd September 1973

MSSA Fiasco

page 17

MSSA Fiasco

Dear Sir,

At the AGM of the Malaysian-Singapore Students' Association held on September 15, something phenomenal happened which must be recorded.

A motion was moved to disolve the association. While the mover of this motion was speaking on it, he was interrupted by the chairman who said he had something important to tell the meeting The Chairman then proceeded to read a letter by the Secretary of the VUWSA Exec addressed to the mover of the motion to dissolve the allocation. The purport of the letter was that the mover of the motion is in the process of being "expelled" by the exec.

Now, sir, it bewilders me that such a letter should be read in the AGM. What was its purpose? In my opinion, it was a sheer act of intimidation of the mover of the motion was exercising his right to move a motion of dissolutton. Further, it was a manage to all members present at the AGM that if they vote for the dissolution motion, they would face expulsion by the exec. In my opinion, therefore, the reading of the intimidatory letter renders the voting on the dissolution motion null and void. The voting was too much tinged with fraud.

Further, sir, the letter was addressed by the secretary of the exec to the mover of the motion. As such it seems to me to be a strictly confidential communication between the secretary and the mover concerned. Why was it handed to somebody else? Why was the mover of the motion not given the original or even a copy of the letter? Who authorised the letter to be published to someone other than the individual concerned?

Bloody Balls Up.