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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 23. 23rd September 1973

MSA - MSSA Referendum

MSA - MSSA Referendum

Dear Sirs,

Please allow me to voice my utter disappointment over the high-handed and inefficient manner in which Mr Goh Leng Chua (who is he anyway?) went about attempting to hold a referendum on the MSA-MSSA issue.

It is however, heartening to note that our learned L.C. Goh has now decided to postpone the referendum, claiming it is due to circumstances beyond his control. What utter rubbish! I speak as a Malaysian, one that does not take sides with MSA or MSSA. Right from the beginning, the idea of the referendum has not been well responded to by the majority of Malaysians. It was only the group (presumably L.C. Goh's clique) that really seemed to be supporting it. Hence, I'll assume that the postponement of the 'referendum' (or 'opinion poll" as our learned L.C. Goh, managed to re-term it after checking through his Law books I suppose) is due primarily in the fact that not enough support was obtained from the Malaysians and not otherwise.

Further, would L.C. Goh please elaborate on who are the people taking advantage of our petty squabble. This is a very serious malicious remark and unless proved to be true, L.C. Goh must publicly withdraw this unjustified remark of his.

In conclusion, my request for all fellow Malaysians is "let us not be fooled or influenced by anyone in respect of which association (MSA or MSSA) we should join."

The decision to join MSA or MSSA is ours alone. It's an individual's choice. In addition, may I express my disgust over the group of "loyal MSA supporters' who approached me to join MSSA and help to dissolve it by joining the 'suicide squad'. As a Malaysian, I feel this form of 'dirty political tactic' is to be condemned and not to be responded to.

To MSSA leaders, may I wish them 'good luck' in their efforts to uphold the aims of their association.

A. Lim

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