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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 24. 26th September 1973

L.C. Goh in Reply

L.C. Goh in Reply


With thanks to both "Wondering" and "A Lim" (Salient Vol. 36 No 23), I am given the opportunity to make a reply in this paper regarding an opinion survey among the Malaysians on M.S.A.—M.S.S.A. issue.

To "Wondering", an extra word of thanks for holding me in such high esteem: one of the "big guns" of student politics. Me? Ai say Man! Does the phrase "big guns" have a meaning in more than one sense? But to my frustration such a low-footed (in more ways than two) view is germinated by one who has a, in his own words, "considerably less fertile mind". Having a sincerest gratitude, I give him the benefit of the doubt that his letter was written before the survey was postponed in my letter dated 10/9/73. The term 'referendum' was therein dropped and 'opinion poll' adopted. Hence my feety friend can consider himself having "wondered." He is entitled to go ahead with any personal survey at campus if he has the balls to make an attempt. Who is stopping him? Godmother or lack of a personal name? It is hoped that I've not departed excessively from his style of writing.

In reply to "A. Lim", our fence- sitting individual specialist, I owe him no duty to withdraw my remark unless it could be shown that the statement refers to him and that it was defamatory of him. Since he is so concerned about Law books, I would suggest he read them before he starts "talking wind"! It is ironical that, having considered the remark of mine as "a very serious malicious remark unless proved to be true", he should assert that "right from the beginning the idea of the referendum has not been well responded to by the majority of Malaysians". And this self-contradicting, slogan-slinging homo-sapien, low-handedly and efficiently failed to support his baseless allegation against me with evidence. And who, may I request him to elaborate, is the group of "loyal M.S.A. supporter" who approached him? The pot is calling the kettle black! As to the query of who I am, I suppose his ignorance could be satisfied if told that I am a Malaysian student on campus. And I won't even bother to ask who "A. Lim" is anyway. Unlike him. I'll not assume that he is learned as he claimed I am.

The opinion survey had to be postponed due to administrative problems. The work involved was more than anticipated — time was running against us, the closeness of exams pressuring us.

I approached Peter Wilson, to be told that the Students' Association facilities would be denied to me because it was unconstitutional to call for a referendum unless permission from the Executive was obtained. I had had acted on the presumption that what is not forbidden is permissible and that schedule 2 s.6 of VUW Constitution forbids (unless permission is granted) a survey, referendum or questionnaire only if such be included in the process of the General Election. But coming from such a powerful source, I was prepared to accept his ruling. When asked, the President indicated that I could conduct a personal survey but without the much needed facilities.

Faced with such unexpected difficulties, the responsibility for which it totally mine, it was felt that the survey be postponed until a bridge over troubled waters could be constructed.

Yours faithfully,

L.C. Goh