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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 38, Number 10. 22nd May 1975

Reply To Cowles

Reply To Cowles

Dear Sir,

I would just like to correct some of the misconceptions that John Cowles appears to be suffering from as regards the Christchurch Bursaries meeting. If Mr. Cowles had read the article in 'Socialist Action' carefully he ought have noticed that nowhere in that article was it claimed that we were the only people pushing for a demonstration but rather that we initiated a call for a march. We did this by putting forward a motion at the AGM calling for an ad hoc committee to be set up to organise a demonstration on March 26.

Perhaps Mr. Cowles should check if his source of information is talking about the right meeting, as at the meeting which I attended over half of those present clearly were in favour of a march being organised later. Or maybe it could be that Mr. Cowles does not feel that people raising their hands in agreement with what I proposed comes under his idea of responding positively. A third possibility is that hit contacts were confused by the two 'straw votes' that were held, both of which were concerned to some extent about marches.

One final! possibility that occurred to me is that Mr. Cowles it not used to factual objectivity in reporting and so he has decided to spend quite some time to try to discredit it. This would explain why although he has spent over half a column attacking 'Socialist Action' without actually being able to discredit anything in the article it attacks. Whatever the reasons for Mr. Cowles inaccuracies I would just suggest that he sorts a few facts out and use those before he bothers to launch smear campaigns.


A. F. Ericson,

Christchurch Young Socialists.