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Maori Religion and Mythology

Maori Terms Of Relationship

page 106

Maori Terms Of Relationship.

Tupuna. An ancestor—male or female.

Matua. A father, or uncle either patruus or avunculus.

Papa. The same.

Whaea. A mother, or aunt on either side.

Tama. Eldest nephew.

Tamahine. Eldest niece; also used more generally.

Tamaiti. Son, or nephew.

Tamaroa. The same.

Tuakana. Elder brother of males, elder sister of females; also elder brother's children in reference to younger brother's children, elder sister's children in reference to younger sister's children.

Teina. The younger brother of males, the younger sister of females; also the younger brother's children in reference to elder brother's children, the younger sister's children in reference to elder sister's children.

Tungane. A sister's brother.

Tuahine. A brother's sister.

Iramutu. A nephew, or niece.

Hungawai. A father-in-law, or mother-in-law.

Hunaonga. A son-in-law, or daughter-in-law.

Taokete. A man's brother-in-law, or sister's sister-in-law.

Autane. A woman's brother-in-law.

Auwahine. A man's sister-in-law.

Potiki. A brother's children, or sister's children; also the youngest child of a family.

Mokopuna. A grand-child, or child of a nephew or niece.

Huanga. A relation in general.

Whanaunga-tupu. A blood relation.

page 107

Ariki. The first born male or female.

Waewae. A man's younger brother: literally the foot.

Hamua. Syn. tuakana.

Maronui. A married man or woman.

Takakau. A single man or woman.

Pouaru. A widow.

Puhi. A betrothed female, also a female of rank restricted from marriage.

HE Wahine Taumaro. A betrothed female. N.B.—There is a distinction between a Puhi and a wahine taumaro. The betrothed female is a Puhi in reference to her father's act of consent, and a wahine taumaro in reference to her future father-in-law's act of consent to the arrangement.