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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 4

A Picture

A Picture.

Fill up from your own observation, and in your own way, the full outline and coloring of the following picture. Life is a fierce battle scene. On one side are arrayed the self-satisfied few; behind the battlements of dead capital, shielded under the law and prestige of centuries, dwarfing the industries through excessive rates of interest. On the other side are the myriad hosts of life, wearily struggling to use their energies for material happiness. Look, as they march along, their ranks are filled with bondmen, goaded by the unjust standard of money, to a hopeless poverty, which excessive toil fails to relieve. See weary bodies cruelly lashed by dire want to super- page break human exertions and premature graves! Stalwart men and women with God-given faculties, willing to work, but in hopelessness and despair, a burden and cost to society. Now we see them reluctantly brooding over temptation, and then yielding to wretchedness and crime! The whole world is filled with helpless victims to the unfair power of money—what a spectacle it presents!