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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 4

The Love of Power the Drawback

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The Love of Power the Drawback.

The instinctive craving of humanity has always been for higher civilization, but the love of power has checked its progress. In all ages the sway of power over weakness has been supreme. Its reign, unlike that of kings, has been an unbroken dynasty from the beginning. No race or time is peculiarly responsible for its tyranny. It springs spontaneously in the breast of man. It is most often for power, that wealth is eagerly accumulated long after it has gratified all other desires.

Even the poor, without considering the chances against them, hope by a lucky turn of fortune, some day, themselves, to gratify this love for power, but like the prize in a lottery, this hope usually ends in disappointment. It is estimated that two-thirds of all the wealth of the country is already concentrated in the hands of three per cent, of the population; in view of this, sum up, if you please, the lucky chances within the grasp of the poor!

Labor watches with a jealous eye the growth of capital, the exponent of power, but capital is always on the alert to guard its interests. Each now recriminates the other, and both stand glaring and defiant, but. it may be the province of this generation to work these discordant elements into order and harmony.