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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 4


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When corrupt legislation ruins trade and commerce, political demagogues cry out "Reform," and advise the people to practice economy; but, how are people to economize that have neither money nor employment? If the wealthy economize the poor must starve!

While labor can, and does, produce all the necessaries and luxuries of life in abundance, those that labor should never want Nations that produce and consume the most per capita. rank the highest in civilization. Barbarians who are non-producers, and who subsist solely upon what nature provides, should rank the highest as political economists. More than three thousand million dollars were expended in freeing black labor from bondage. Four million ballots are enough to free the products of white and black labor from a bondage which is becoming more oppressive than involuntary servitude.

Let producers reason with the facts on the following pages, and vote accordingly.