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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 4


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Of the Foundations of Moral Science, 1
Of the Sanctions by which the Natural Laws of Morality are Supported 8
Duties Prescribed to Man as an Individual, viz.
Self-Culture, 16
Preserving Bodily and Mental Health, 19
Amusements, 24
Man Considered as a Domestic Being, viz.
Marriage, 26
Fidelity to the Marriage Vow, 31
Divorce, 31
Duties of Parents to their Children, 33
Duties of Children to their Parents, 41
Man Considered as a Social Being.
Origin of Society, 43
Origin of Gradations of Rank, 46
Savage, Pastoral, Agricultural, and Commercial Stages of Society, 48
May improvement in the condition of Society be expected? 56
Reasons for expecting future improvement in the condition of Society, 57
Duties of Man as a Social Being.
To Support the Poor, 62
Causes of Pauperism and its Remedies, 63
Treatment of Criminals, 67
Guardianship, 85
Suretiship, 86
Duties of Jurors and Arbitrators, 88
Of Government, viz.,—
The Origin of Government, 90
Independence and Liberty of Nations distinguished, 91
Qualities necessary for securing Independence, 92
Qualities necessary for Liberty, 93
Different forms of Government,—
Despotism—to what circumstances suited, 95
Mixed Form of Government, and its institutions, 96
Democratic Form of Government, 100
Duties of Man as a Religious Being.
Natural Theology a branch of Philosophy, 104
Foundation of Natural Religion, 105
Distinction between Morals and Religion, 106
Moral and Religious Duties prescribed to Man by Natural Theology, 109
Dictates of Natural Theology compared with those of the Ten Commandments, on
Objections Considered, 113