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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 12


page break


After line 16, page 10, read the following:—

But undoubtedly most of the early preachers were sincere and earnest fanatics, insane and frantic with the terror of their own conviction of the rapidly approaching end of all things.

The propagandists always made a great hurrahing about their now doctrine being "a gospel of glad tidings," inasmuch as that they had come to show the only way of salvation, by which a few might escape the general doom of eternal damnation.

What a wonderful piece of impudence was this! Considering that it was they and they alone who had set up the doctrine of eternal damnation, and that before them no human heart among all the nations had been dark-and-wicked-and-desperate enough to dare to dream such an atrocity. What a gospel of glad tidings! Hell for all except the singular few, who, by performing the arduous task of believing in the Impossible might possibly escape the doom!

Page 10, line 27, for and man read and of man.
Page 14, line 17, for referred to, had read referred to and had.
Page 18, line 43, for sent in read sent us.
Page 20, last line, for misconstructed read misconstrued.
Page 23, lino 36, for vohiscum read nobiscum.