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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 12

Chapter III. — Inhabitants, &c

Chapter III.

Inhabitants, &c.

Our inhabitants, including Chinese and Half-Castes, numbered in March, 1874, 18,499-the male population contributing 9529, the female, 8970. At present, the number of children contributing to this number I have been unable to ascertain. Should the information be procurable, it will be added as a foot-note.

The inhabited tenements numbered 3444-there being in addition 118 either uninhabited or in process of building. Of inhabited houses, by far the greater number were found to be wood and iron; of such there were 3138. Of houses built of brick and stone there were 293. The composition of the remaining houses was either of miscellaneous material or not stated.

Houses possessing but two rooms numbered 638; houses possessing from three to four, 1491; houses possessing from five to six numbered 676; houses possessing more than six numbered 513. Of the 29 remaining houses, the number of rooms in each is not stated.§

Immigrants to the number of 8323 have landed at Port Chalmers since March. Their destination, however, is not recorded. Males, 4354; Females, 3629.

§ Census March, 1874.