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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 12

The Objects and Rules of the League

The Objects and Rules of the League.

The Objects.

The objects which this Association have in view are:—
1st.To form a bond of union and a centre of counsel and action among the cultivators of the soil and the manufacturers, as the proper means of giving strength and weight to their influence. All classes will thus have an opportunity of making their wants known and of promoting the common interest.
2nd.The great aim of the League, is to advance the general prosperity of the country, by the encouragement and promotion of Home productions and manufactures, with a view to the employment of a largely-increased population by immigration. As one great means to this end, they advocate the placing moderate Protective duties on all articles and produce which can be supplied and raised in the colony.
Lastly:They desire to maintain a friendly intercourse, and to co-operate with kindred societies in the other provinces, and in the Australian colonies, in reference to the above objects and aims.


The affairs of the League to be conducted by a committee of seven Members (with power to add to their number), three to form a quorum. The committee shall retire at the Annual Meeting, but shall be eligible for re-election.

The Committee meet on the first Friday in every month at 2 o'clock while Parliament is sitting, otherwise every alternate month, as shall be found convenient. Their Meetings shall be open to the Members of the League, who shall be entitled to take part, and the Associate-Members may vote.

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The Annual Meeting of the League shall take place early in July; a Report of the year's proceedings shall be laid before it, and a statement of the Accounts properly audited.

The present Committee consist of—
  • Albin Martin, Esq., Chairman
  • Hon. H. Chamberlin, M.L.C.
  • Hon. E. MacLean, M.L.C.
  • Major Walmsley
  • William Woodward, Esq.
  • H. S. Andrews, Esq.
  • E. Woolfield, Esq.
  • R. Bent, Esq.

S. Kempthorne, Secretary and Treasurer.

A Subscription of 10s. yearly constitutes an Associate-Member of the League. A like subscription of 5s. constitutes a Country Member, and a subscriber of 2s. 6d. shall be entered as a "Subscriber." The votes of two Subscribers shall count as one vote at the Annual or Special Meetings of the League.

A Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor shall be appointed at the Annual Meeting and shall continue to act from year to year, unless a notice of motion for a change shall have been given by some member, at a previous meeting in June.

The Secretary and Treasurer shall be ex officio members of the Committee.

N.B.—The Standing Orders adopted by the Provincial Council shall, as far as practicable, generally guide the League in the conduct of their meetings.


The Committee shall have the power to enact by-laws for their guidance, which shall have effect till the next Annual or Special Meeting, when they shall be submitted to the Meeting for approval.

The following By-laws were passed 30th September, 1871:—
1No alteration of Rules, nor any motion of importance; nor any motion objected to by two Members, shall be brought before the Monthly Meeting, without notice being given at the previous Meeting.
2The Treasurer to furnish a Statement of Accounts at the Monthly Meetings.
3All important papers, circulars, and petitions, &c., from time to time, to be entered on the Minutes.