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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 12

Immigration at the Public Expense

Immigration at the Public Expense.

The Convention adopted the following resolutions, on the subject of Immigration conducted at the public expense:—

That, while this Convention desires to see this country rendered so attractive that a tide of voluntary emigration shall pour into it, similar to that which is now setting into America and creating an empire on that continent, it is of opinion that all immigration at the public expense is, in the present stage of these Colonies, a violation at once of the true principles of colonization and of political justiee, for the following among other reasons:—

Firstly.—Because the system of immigration at the public expense is an integral part of the present land system—a land system constructed to create a country of masters and servants,—and can have no place in a land system constructed for a free people.

Secondly.—Because such system of immigration taxes all for the benefit of a few.

Thirdly.—Because the money so raised is avowedly applied to reduce the wages of the laborer, the mechanic, and others of that numerous class who work for wages.

Fourthly.—Because, under a proper land system, such a system of immigration would he wholly unnecessary, even for the ostensible object of its promoters—an abundant supply of labor.

Fifthly.—Because such a system gives to parties in the United Kingdom the power to send to this country a worse class of immigrants than would be likely to come here at their own expense.