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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 12

Present Duty of Peacemen

page 568

Present Duty of Peacemen.

There can be but little excuse for ignorance or misconception on the Peace Movement, because ample means of information have been for nearly fifty years before the community. Still the fact remains indisputable, that the cause is little known, or greatly misconceived, by the mass of even intelligent Christians; and before we can hope to see its claims adequately appreciated and mot, there must be given everywhere "line upon line, and precept upon precept," until the cause of Peace, like that of the Bible, of Temperance, or of Missions, shall become a familiar, favorite, and consecrated theme in every Christian household.

Such a result we confidently expect, sooner or later; for no enterprise of benevolence or reform can be more truly Christian, or more vital to the general welfare of our race, than that which seeks to abolish the custom of war. we see not how any Christian, if fully informed on the subject, can view it in any other light; and the chief reason why its claims are so generally ignored, or undervalued, is found in the fact that these claims have not been brought and kept, as they should have been, before the Christian community. If familiar with its nature and importance, we can hardly suppose it possible for them to slumber over it, as they have done, ago after age, and let this master sin and scourge of the world continue all over Christendom itself, while they hold in their hands God's sovereign remedy in his gospel for the cure of this great evil.—Peace Advocate.