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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 12

For the Children — The Christian Ornament

For the Children

The Christian Ornament.

Very much, my young friends, you can do, if you possess that most beautiful of ornaments—a meek and quiet spirit. Both old and young are constantly exerting an influence, and how greatly does it concern each one, that the influence he sheds should flow from the bright and lovely ornament—a meek and quiet spirit! which we are told, is of great price in the sight of our blessed Redeemer. And if you ask Him, he will adorn you with this beautiful jewel. They have an old saying in the East—" I am not the rose, but I grow near the rose; I have therefore, the sweetness of the rose." If, therefore, you maintain a loving and peaceable spirit among your daily associates, your example will operate beneficially upon them; and your own hearts will be improved. Remember, dear children, in your intercourse with your young companions, that "a soft answer turneth away wrath." There is a high-mindedness and nobility in not resenting an injury. The Bible tells us, "It is the glory of a man to pass over a transgression." The dispositions which are cultivated in youth grow up with us to mature years. A generous and amiable temper makes the possessor a much happier child than a selfish and contentious one. Let love govern your actions; you will then be gentle, and you will grow more like Jesus. Love is His gift, and He delights to bestow it upon those who ask Him. There is a beautiful example of heavenly-mindedness, when a boy, in the late J. C. Breay. It is said of him, that he delighted to comfort and please his mother in every little way which childhood could suggest, and that his obedience was perfect, and that he was at all times ready in the sweetest manner to conform to her will. Go to Jesus, dear children, and ask Him to give you His love; for if you really love the Saviour, page 569 He will give you power never to resent injuries, nor to promote and stir up strife and angry passions; but will give you those sweet and forgiving tempers that will enable you to "Overcome evil with good;" and bestow upon you that lovely spirit which is pure, peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated. This Christian spirit, which is so beautifully described by the apostle James, is strikingly seen in the character of the present Ruler or President of the Colony of Liberia, a settlement of liberated slaves in Africa. The President is of negro origin; but although a man of colour, this does not make him less able to govern wisely. Among the many excellencies of this good man, is the love of peace; and although he is surrounded by heathen nations, he has never been at war with any, but has always endeavoured so to act towards them, as not to excite their angry passions. Once, when there appeared some danger of a war, this peace-loving and Christian ruler was heard in the silent watches of the night, praying to Almighty God to interpose his all-powerful arm, and prevent the horror of war. His prayer was heard, and he and his people were mercifully heard, and he and his people were mercifully spared from the dreaded calamity.