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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 12

(Resolutions of Provincial Council enclosed in letter to His Worship the Mayor.)

(Resolutions of Provincial Council enclosed in letter to His Worship the Mayor.)

"1st. That in the opinion of this House it would confer a benefit upon the inhabitants of Dunedin and the Province generally if the collection of Books (now said to be 'upwards of 5,500 vols.') constituting the Library of the 'Dunedin Athenæum and Mechanics' Institute' (together with the future additions as from time to time to hand), were thrown open for the purpose of being read within the Institute itself by the public at large, free of charge.

"2nd. That with a view to the accomplishment of so desirable an object, this House would bespeak the Government's favorable consideration of any scheme that may be submitted for their approval, provided such scheme be based upon some such principles as the following, viz:—
(1.)The grant of a free site upon condition that the Superintendent for the time being be constituted Sole Trustee of the Building to be erected thereon, so as to provide that the said Building be devoted solely to the purpose for which the site shall have been specially granted.
(2.)A suitable Subsidy in aid of the necessarily increased working expenses of the Institute; such subsidy being provided for by Annual Vote.

"3rd. That in the event of any engagement being entered into by the Government, in accordance with the suggestions as contained in Resolution No. 2, it is recommended that such engagement be made, upon the clearly expressed condition that the Government for the time being retain the right to appoint annually one of its members or other person, as the case may be, who shall have and exercise, on behalf of the Government, all the privileges and powers of a member of Committee of the Institute, the same as if he had been duly elected at the Annual Meeting of Members: and moreover, that they also stipulate for the right to appoint annually a gentleman to act as their Auditor, whose duties and authority as regards all the accounts of the Institute shall be in every respect equal to. and concurrent with, those of any Auditor to be appointed from time to time by the Members of the Institute."

(a true copy.)

Chas. Smith,

Clerk of Council.