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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 45

The Principal Factories

The Principal Factories

should also be inspected. The New Zealand Timber and Woodware Company's establishment is the most extensive factory of the kind in the Colonies, and the machinery employed in the manufacture of furniture and cabinet-work on the premises of this Company has been imported from Europe and America at very great expense.

Messrs Findlay and Co.'s Sawmills and Woodware Factory will also repay a visit. The latest mechanical appliances are also used by this enterprising firm in the manufacture of wood-work.

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The Iron Foundries of Messrs. Kincaid, McQueen and Co., Sparrow and Co., and Davidson and Co., should also be inspected.

There is another establishment which should not be left unvisited. The Mosgiel Woollen Factory, situated 12 miles from Dunedin, can be reached by train; and the works erected here for spinning and weaving purposes will bear favourable comparison with those employed in some of the largest manufactories in England. The Mosgiel tweeds are equal, if not superior, to any of the cloths imported from the Home Countries.

And while on the subject of clothing, we may advise the visitor to have a look at Messrs. Sargood, Son and Ewen's, the New Zealand Clothing Factory's, and Ross and Glendining's establishments, before bidding adieu to the Edina of the South.

The Head Office of the Union S.S. Co. is situated in Dunedin, and the Managing Director, James Mills, Esq., resides here.

In this hasty sketch of Dunedin and its surroundings we have only enumerated the principal places of note. There are several sights and scenes of minor importance of which we have made no mention, but which will come under the visitor's observation should he remain for any length of time in this charming city.

Of course we have taken it for granted that the tourist will take a run to