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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 45



This patch of water and mud-springs is situated about 11 miles from Ohinemutu. Having procured a horse, the visitor will follow the lake round on its eastern shore, passing by lake Koto Kawa, which is noted for the acidity of its waters. This sheet of water has a yellowish appearance, and at its head are situated a number of boiling springs. About four miles from Tikitere is an old Church of England Mission Station, named Te Ngae. This is a charming spot, and nearly every variety of the English forest tree flourishes here. Fruit trees are also very plentiful, and a thick indigenous bush grows hard by. The Tikitere springs are very large, and the water in most of them is of a darkish hue. In one of the largest pools a Maori woman named Hurutaui, who happened to tumble in, was literally boiled into shreds some years ago. Large spouts of boiling water are continuously forced up into the air from this spring, and the fumes of the vapour have the effect, sometimes, page 67 of dissolving the watch-guards and other gold ornaments of those who approach the pool.