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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 45



Beautiful art thou, Auckland, without measure,
Thou city of the sea,
Thy terraced slopes rise swelling from the wavelets
That murmur unto thee.

The sounding dirges of the stormy ocean
Approach thee not anear;
For many isles, their adamantine bulwarks
For thy protection rear.

And, surging round the tri-peaked Rangitoto,
The ocean tide doth sweep;
Till, in the bosom of thy land-locked harbour,
It softly falls to sleep.

Beautiful art thou, Auckland, when the day dawn,
Transfused with pearly light,
Reveals, through the soft haze of liquid opal,
Thy beauty to our sight.

Beautiful art thou, Auckland when the sunset
Its glory doth unfold;
And o'er the purple ranges throws its splendour
Of crimson and of gold,

Lighting thee up with all the tints of cloudland,
In rich and mellow glow;
While myraid casements, in the molten glory,
Like myriad sunlets shew.

The first bright kisses of the morning greet thee,
And silver-top each hill.
The midday sun shines through thy leafy coverts,
And sparkles on each rill.

The evening sun folds thee in mellow glory
Of rudely, golden light;
And fondly gazeth on thee long, 'ere sinketh
O'er thee the shades of night.

And then, fair Luna flings her silver radiance
Upon each rounded hill;
And, from the realms of Elfland thou seem'st starting,
So silver bright and still.

page 87

Beautiful Auckland! The sojourner leaveth
Thy shores with fond regret;
While those who daily see thy changing beauty,
Think thou art peerless yet.

Yea, thou art peerless; spreading in thy beauty
On Waitemata's hem,
Like some rich jewel, set within the wreathings
Of Nature's diadem.

Thy smiling cottages and mansions cluster
Along the sunny shore;
And Art and Nature, hand in hand, have crown'd thee,
A queen for evermore.

Auckland has two good daily papers and a couple of weeklies. The climate of this portion of New Zealand is delightful, in fact it is not surpassed in any part of the world.

The majority of excursionists who visit New Zealand, take advantage of their Christmas and New Year's holidays to take a flying tour through the colony, and are therefore limited to time, and cannot visit many places of interest which would amply repay inspection. But there are some tourists with time and money at their command, who commence their journey with a determination to see everything worth seeing, and to this class we would say, "Before taking your departure from the colony," pay a visit to