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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 57



[Challenger.']—Report on the Scientific Results of the Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger during the years 1873-76, under the command of Captain George S. Nares, R.N., F.B.S., and Captain Frank Tourle Thomson, R.N. Prepared under the superintendence of the late Sir C. Wyville Thomson, Knt., F.R.S., &c., and now of John Murray. Zoology, vols. x. and xi. London, Longmans & Co., &c.: 1884, 4to., pp. (vol. x.) viii., 154, 82, 47,130, xxiv., and 216, chart and plates; (vol. xi.) viii., 88, x., 442, and 85, plates. Price respectively, 50s.

The previous volumes of the series are noticed in the preceding volume of the 'Proceedings' at pp. 485 and 610.

Vol. x. contains:—i. Report on the Nudibranchiata collected by H.M.S. Challenger during the years 1873-76, by Dr. Rudolph Bergh. ii. Report on the Myzostomida collected during the same period, by Dr. L. von Graff. iii. Report on the Cirripedia collected by H.M.S. Challenger, ditto; anatomical part by Dr. P. P. C. Hoek. iv. Report on the Human Skeletons collected during ditto. The Crania, by William Turner, M.B., &c. v. Report on the Polyzoa collected by H.M.S. Challenger, during ditto. The Cheilostomata. By George Busk, F.R.S., &c.

Vol. xi. contains:—i. Report on the Keratosa collected by H.M.S. Challenger, during ditto, by N. Poléjaeff, M.A. ii. Report on the Crinoidea collected during ditto. The Stalked Crinoids. By P. Herbert Carpenter, D.Sc. iii. Report on the Isopoda collected by H.M.S. Challenger, ditto. The Genus Serolis. By Frank Evers Beddard, M.A., &C.

page 264

The Scottish Geographical Magazine. Edinburgh, Macnamara & Wallace; London, Philip & Son.

We welcome the first number of the organ of the Scottish Geographical Society. It covers a period of three months, and as its purview embraces to some extent the past year, it is exceedingly full and varied. The number begins, of course, with Mr. Stanley's opening address on Central Africa and the Congo Basin. Then follow two papers with a distinctly local flavour: one on Scotland and geographical work, showing what Scotchmen have done in the various departments of our branch of knowledge; the other is a paper of original value by Professor James Geikie on the Physical Features of Scotland; both the paper and the accompanying map deserve the attention of geographers and geologists. We have then short notices of the first honorary members of the Society, the King of the Belgians, Lord Aberdare, Mr. Stanley, and Mr. Joseph Thomson. The most useful feature of the magazine is the Geographical Notes, which are of the most varied kind; they occupy fifteen pages. Five pages are devoted to the geographical literature of 1884, and about twelve pages to new books and new maps. Besides the map of Scotland, there is a map of Africa, both by Bartholomew.

Wagner, Hermann.—Geographisches Jahrbuch. X. Band, 1884. Erste Hälfte. Unter Mitwirkung von O. Drude, G. Gerland, J. Hann, Th. V. Oppolzer, L. K. Schmarda, K. Zöppritz, herausgegeben von Hermann Wagner. Gotha, Justus Perthes: 1885. Price, two parts, 12s.

Since the last issue of this invaluable publication, its founder and joint editor, Dr. Behm, has died. With the present volume the work enters on a new phase. This is really only a half-volume, the other half being promised in the course of the present year. Henceforth it will be issued annually, the first and second parts in alternate years. In the present part we have the special division, which includes reports of progress in the various departments of science which bear on geography. Professor Zöppitz deals with Geophysics, Dr. Hann with Meteorology, Dr. Oppolzer with European Survey Operations, Dr. O. Drude with Botanical Geography, Dr. Schmarda with the Geographical Distribution of Animals, and Dr. Gerland with Ethnological Research.