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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 57



Africa.—General Map of——. Scale 1:8,420,000 or 115.2 geographical miles to an inch. Constructed from the most recent coast surveys, and embodying the results of all explorations to the present time, by Keith Johnston, F.R.G.S. Corrected to January 1885. W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh and London. 4 sheets. Price in sheets 15s.

Algérie.—Carte de 1′——, d'après les documents publiés par le Ministre de la Guerre et des travaux inédits par Niox. Scale 1:1,600,000 or 21.9 geographical miles to an inch. Paris, 1885. (Dulau.)

Assab.—Carta Originale del Possedimento Italiano di——del Sultanato di Aussa e regioni limitrofe dall' Abissinia e Scioa a Berbera e Aden. Con speciali cartine di Assab e Dintorni, dei Paesi dei Danakil, della Baia di Zula e del Mar Rosso, secondo le publicazioni più recenti cost, e dis. G. E. Fritzsche. Scale 1:1,500,000 or 20.4 geographical miles to an inch. Istituto Cartografico Italiano, Roma, 1885. (Dulau.)

Congo.—Carte du Bassin du Congo dressé par le Dr. Richard Kiepert. Scale 1:4,000,000 or 55.5 geographical miles to an inch. Avec la limite de la zône de commerce libre, établie par la conférence de Berlin, les possessions de puissances Européennes et les itinéraires principaux de voyageurs. Dietrich Reimer, 1885. Price 2s. (Williams & Norgate.)

On this map is shown the extent of the region of Free Trade as fixed by the Conference of Berlin. This includes, as far as the southern boundary is concerned, page 266 more than the basin of the Congo, inasmuch as the boundary line starts from Ambriz on the coast, and follows the river Loge to its source. In the north it starts from Sette Cama in a general easterly direction, touching the parallel of 2° south close to the source of the river Loutéte; here it turns to the south-east for a distance of 90 geographical miles and then abruptly to the north; it thus includes the basin of the Niari river. The boundaries of European possessions and native states, as well as the routes of the celebrated travellers of all nations, are laid down.

Egypt and the Basin of the Nile, constructed by W. & A. K. Johnston. Edinburgh and London. Scale 1: 3,294,720 or 45.1 geographical miles to an inch. 2 sheets. 1885.

——and the Soudan,—Philips' Map of——, including the Valley of the Nile, the Red Sea, Abyssinia, Arabia, &c. Scale 1: 5,600,000 or 76.7 geographical miles to an inch. George Philip & Son, London and Liverpool. Price 1s.

Gordon, General C. G., R.E.—Facsimile of a map drawn by General C. G. Gordon, R.E., at Khartum, March 17th, 1874, of his route from Suakin to Berber and Khartum. Scale 1: 1,325,000 or 18.2 geographical miles to an inch (approx.). Reproduced in facsimile, and published by Edward Stanford, 55, Charing Cross, London, S.W. February 17th, 1885.

This map is not only interesting as a souvenir of the late General C. G. Gordon, R.E., but also contains information as to the distances between stations on the road between Suakin and Berber, expressed in hours, and other notes of great interest at the present time. The reproduction from the original has been very well executed.

Soudan.—Large Scale War Map of the Eastern——, embracing Dongola, Suakim, Berber, Khartoum, and Kassala. Scale 1: 1,140,000 or 14.2 geographical miles to an inch. With view and plan of Khartum and Suakin. W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh and London, 1885. Price 1s.

South African Republic.—Map of the South-Western Frontier of the——, in-cluding the adjacent portions of Bechuanaland, Griqualand West, and the Orange Free State, 1884. Scale 1: 633,600 or 8.6 geographical miles to an inch. Compiled and lithographed at the Intelligence Branch, War Office, under the direction of Major W. R. Fox, R.A., D.A.Q.M.G., November 1884. Revised March 1885.

Suakim a Berber.—Da——. Scala 1: 1,000,000 or 13.6 geographical miles to an inch. Costr. e autogr. G. E. Fritzsche. Istituto Cartografico Italiano, Roma, 1885. (Dulau.)

Sudan Egiziano.—Carta Generale del——, colle Coste del Mar Rosso da Suakin fino ad Assab. Sulla base dei nuovi dati geodetici dello Stato Maggiore Egiziano: e coll'indicazione degli itinerari dei principali viaggiatori fino a G. Bianchi 1884. Costr. e dis. G. E. Fritzsche. Scale 1: 2,500,000 or 34.4 geographical miles to an inch. Istituto Cartografico Italiano, Roma, 1885. (Dulau.)

Zulu-Land.—Kartenskizze von——und den Goldfeldern der Südafrikanischen Republik. Nach C. Mauch, F. Jeppe, Sir G. Colley, Rev. Berthoud, Capt. Riedel, H. Rissik, R. Loveday, Major Machado &c. sowie nach eigenen Aufnahmen gezeichnet von II. Haevernick. Pretoria, 1884. Scale 1:1,850,000 or 25.3 geographical miles to an inch. Petermann's 'Geographische Mitteilungen,' Jahrgang 1885, Tafel 6. Justus Perthes, Gotha, 1885. (Dulau.)