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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 57



Admiralty.—Charts and Plans published by the Hydrographic Department, Admiralty, in November and December 1884, and January and February 1885,

No. inches. 2675 a b c m = 0.18 English channel, 3 sheets. Price 3s. each. 2045 m = 1.35 England, south coast:—Owers to Christchurch, with Spithead and the isle of Wight. Price 4s. 6d. 606 m = 3.0 Shetland isles:—Ronas Voe. Quendale bay. Vaila sound. Uyea and Skuda sounds. Ura firth or Hillswick. Blue Mull sound. Leven and Sand Wicks. Price 1s. 6d. 1130 m = 2.9 Mediterranean, Sicily:—Cagliari bay. Price 1s. 6d. 236 m = 0.21 Mediterranean, Turkey in Asia:—Rhodes island to Kara Burnu. (Plans, Castelorizo. Kakava roadstead and entrance into Kakava roadstead. Yali bay. Port Genovese. Tekrova. Adalia. Laara. Eski Adalia.) Price 2s. 6d. 237 m = 0.21 Mediterranean, Turkey in Asia:—Kara Burnu to Kara-dash Burnu. (Plans, Ptolemais. Alaya. Hamaxia. Silinti. Cape Anamur. Port Melania. Port Che-lindreh. Papadula islands. Cavalaière. Provençal or Manaval island. Aghaliman ports. Korghos-Kalaler. Ayash. Mezetlu.) Price 2s. 6d. 238 47 m = 2.0 India, west coast:—Bet harbour. Price 1s. 6d. 239 2621 m = 2.0 India, west coast Bombay harbour. Price 3s. 240 655 m = 5.0 India, west coast:—Port of Bombay. Price 1s 241 869 m = 4.7 Tasmania, east coast:—Spring bay and adjacent anchorages. Price 1s.6d. 242 2306 Plan added. Approaches to Kristiansund. 243 2647 Plan added. St. Gilles sur Vie. 244 1335 Plan added. Lobos de Afuera. 245 2536 Plan added. Berberch. 911 Plan added. Kaibobo road. Nalahia bay. Tehoru anchorage. Kisalaut bay. Inner harbour. 210 New plan. Odzuchi harbour. 2432 New plan. Anchorages of the west coast of Kazakavitch island. 2532 Plan added. Waikouaiti bay. 1114 Plans added. Hanfield inlet. Camp cove. (J. D. Potter, agent.)