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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 57



Cosmographic Atlas.—The———of Political, Historical, Classical, Physical and Scriptural Geography and Astronomy, with Indices and Descriptive letterpress. W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh and London, 1884. Price 1l. 1s.

This atlas is divided into six different sections, containing 66 maps, arranged in the following manner:—The first 40 are Political maps; from 40 to 49 Historical, from 50 to 52 Classical, from 53 to 56 Physical, from 57 to 60 Scriptural, and from 61 to 66 Astronomical Plates. There is a copious Index to the Political maps, arranged on the principle usually adopted by this firm of publishers, viz., squares indicated by capital and small letters, instead of giving the latitudes and longitudes of the several places; it contains the positions of nearly 60,000 places. Each Historical map has its explanatory letterpress, and there is a separate index for this section. The same remark applies to Classical, Physical and Scriptural maps.

The Astronomical diagrams and the explanation of the plates are remarkably good; indeed this atlas, for the purpose of general reference or instruction, is far in advance of any, of the same class, that have lately been published in England.

France.—Atlas Historique de la——, depuis César jusqu'à nos jours, par Auguste Longnon. Première Livraison. Hachette et Cie, Paris, 1885. Price 9s. each part. (Dulau.)

Each issue of this atlas is to be accompanied by a pamphlet containing explanatory notes in which the authorities on which the maps are based are quoted, and a list of the Roman and modern names of all places shown on the maps.

The following are the maps contained in the first part of this atlas:—

Pl. I. La Gaule à l'arrivée de César, 58 ans avant l'ère chrétienne. Une petite carte annexe représente la division de la Gaule au temps d'Auguste (an 10 avant l'ère chrétienne).

Pl. II. La Gaule sous la domination romaine, vers l'an 400 de notre ère. Une carte annexe indique la répartition des cités de la Gaule selon les tribus romaines.

Pl. III. et IV. La Gaule et les pays voisins du VIe au VIIIe siècle. Dix-huit cartes représentant la division ecclésiastique de la Gaule sous les Mérovingiens et l'état politique du mème pays en 506, 523, 545, 561, 567, 573, 583, 585, 587 (traité d'Andelot), 594, 600, 622, 625, 628, 638, 714 et 768.'

Pl. V. L'Empire de Charlemagne, 806.

Historischer Wand-Atlas, v. Spruner-Bretschneider. 10 Karten zur Geschichte Europas im Mittelalter bis auf die neuere Zeit. Scale 1:4,000,000 or 55.5 geographical miles to an inch. Dritte Auflage. Gotha, Justus Perthes, 1884 Price 3l. 3s. (G. Philip & Sou.)

This Atlas contains the following maps:—I. Europa um 350 nach Christo. II. Europa im Anfange des VI. Jahrhunderts. III. Europa zur Zeit Karls des Grossen. IV. Europa in der zweiten Hälfte des X. Jahrhunderts. V. Europa zur Zeit der Kreuzzüge. VI. Europa zur Zeit des XIV. Jahrhunderts. VII. Europa zur Zeit der Reformation. VIII. Europa zur Zeit des 30 jährigen Krieges und bis 1700. IX. Europa im XVIII. Jahrhundert von 1700 bis 1789. X. Europa im Zeitalter Napoleons I. 1789 bis 1815.

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Nederlandsche Bezittingen.—Atlas van de——in Oost-Indië, door Dr. J. Pijnappel Gz., Hoogleeraar te Leiden. Derde op Nieuw Bewerkte Uitgave. Amsterdam, P. N. Van Kampen & Zoon, 1884. Price 12s. (Stanford.)

Oesterreich-Ungarn.—Physikalisch-Statistischer Hand-Atlas von——, in 24 Karten mit erläuterndem Text unter Mitwirkung von Vincenz v. Haardt, Prof. Dr. Anton Kerner Ritter v. Marilaun, Franz Ritter v. Le Monnier, General-Major Carl Sonklar v. Innstätten, Prof. Dr. Franz Toula, herausgegeben von Dr. Josef Chavanne undausgeführt in Eduard Hülzel's Geographischem Institute, Wien 1884. VI. Lieferung, containing the following maps:—No. 12. Karte der Verbreitung nutzbarer Mineralien. No. 21. Karte der Zu-und Abnahme der Bevölkerung. No. 24. Karte der Geschlechts-Verhältnisse der Bevölkerung (Letztere Karte tritt an die Stelle der früher im Programm festgesetzten Karte des Creditwesens). Price 7s. (Dulau.)

Philip, G. & Son.—Handy General Atlas of the World, a comprehensive series of maps illustrating general and commercial geography; by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S. With complete Index of 40,000 names. New and enlarged edition. G.Philip & Son, London, 1885. Price 2l, 2s.

This edition exhibits a considerable improvement on those that have been previously published. Care has been taken to bring the maps up to date, and the general index has been considerably enlarged. The maps are well drawn, and show the physical features clearly; they are not overcrowded with names. This atlas is well suited for the purpose of general reference, or for the use of students.

——-Popular Atlas of the World; a series of Maps showing the present state of Political, Physical, and General Geography; by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S. With consulting Index. New and revised edition. G. Philip & Son, London, 1885. Price 1l. 11s. 6d.

This is a cheaper edition of Philip's 'Handy General Atlas,' the principal difference being that only thirty-seven maps are given, instead of fifty-five: but the maps given are identical with those contained in the more expensive atlas.