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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 57

[Copy.] Shag Valley Station, Waihemo, 19th July, 1884

[Copy.] Shag Valley Station, Waihemo,

Dear Sir Norman Campbell,—I have just received your note of 14th. I don't remember exactly what I wrote to you about the ferrets and the inspectors, but whatever it was, you are fully at liberty to use my letter in any way you please.

I am very glad to hear of the steps you intend taking. I am perfectly certain that we should have got over the difficulty down here long ago. As soon as I had reduced the rabbits to a small number by poisoning, and had spent my first hundred pounds on ferrets, the inspectors issued countless notices to employ rabbiters (dogs they particularly insisted upon, of course) where they had been turned out. When I remonstrated, the answer of those masters of the rabbit question was, "I don't believe in those ferrets myself," and this was supposed to settle the question. With the aid of prosecutions it did; and I gave up the ferrets and took the rabbiters back again, with the loss of my £100, but with the gain (of) the lives of the poor rabbits.

I have actually no less than six inspectors and agents coming regularly to this house, as well as others on my borders. The whole business is monstrous.—Yours sincerely,


A. D. Bell.