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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 57

The Hon. Oliver Mowatt:*

The Hon. Oliver Mowatt:*

I have great pleasure in seconding the resolution. I came not for the purpose of taking part in the discussion, page 56 but of hearing what was said and seeing who said it. It is impossible to exaggerate the feeling of loyalty and affection that exists in Canada. While that is the case I feel I would have had no difficulty in acceding to the resolution as it was proposed, and to which Sir Charles Tupper took exception. We feel in Canada that it is perfectly impossible for the present state of things to be permanent. We have all the feelings of British freemen, and we pretty generally feel that for a country numbering five millions of people to be permanently under an authority in which they have no representation is a thing that cannot be. But we rejoice in the connection as it exists now. It has been one of unmixed good, and I believe will continue so, even should no constitutional change be found practicable. We have felt great difficulty, many of us, in perceiving how any scheme can be suggested which would answer the purpose. A scheme which was thought practicable here might not be practicable abroad. I do not think any scheme has been propounded which our people have thought to be a really practicable one. We do not, however, abandon the idea in despair. (Hear, hear.) What are statesmen for, imperial or colonial? For the purpose of resolving difficulties. (Hear, hear, and laughter.) It has been found possible, both here and in the Colonies, to solve difficulties that seemed insolvable. (Cheers.) While I am not as sanguine as some as to our finding some satisfactory scheme for promoting the permanent unity of the Empire, I am as anxious as anybody for such a scheme; and would rejoice as much as anybody if the solution could be found. That is the feeling which I am sure animates the breasts of 19/20ths of the people of Ontario, whom I represent. (Cheers.)

* Prime Minister of Ontario.