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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 57


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A Few words of introduction are necessary in placing this report before the public. The object of the conveners of the Conference was twofold. In the first place they desired to promote, as far as possible, the great end of Imperial Federation. In the second place they were anxious to record an effective protest against a belief which appeared to be prevalent to some extent at Home, and to a still greater extent in the Colonies, to the effect that there was a party, or important section of any party, in the United Kingdom which was careless of the Colonial Connection, and which looked forward with pleasure to an early disintegration of the Empire. That such a belief is happily erroneous will appear from a perusal of the names of those who attended the Conference, or who expressed their approval of its objects. It will be seen that among the number there are representatives of all parties and all shades of party. Being well aware that without the energetic co-operation of Englishmen beyond the four seas the objects they have in view are simply unattainable, the Committee have endeavoured to issue the present report in the form most useful and intelligible to Colonial readers. For this reason they have added short particulars of services page viii rendered to the State by the bearers of the names recorded in the various lists of sympathisers. By so doing they believe that the truly representative character of the meeting will be more fully realised.

It will be seen from the report of the proceedings that at the close of the Conference a provisional Committee was appointed, charged with the duty of publishing this report, and of arranging for an adjourned meeting to be held at a later date. This meeting is shortly to take place, and it is intended to include in its proceedings the formation of a permanent society, having for its object the promotion of Imperial Federation. All those who desire to become members of such a society, or to receive any information with regard to its methods and constitution, are requested to communicate with the hon. secretaries, by whom all documents will be forwarded to such secretaries as the Conference may appoint.