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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Rare Volume

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents.

I. Facts.
Ngatiawa in Taranaki 7
Invasion of Waikato ib.
Purchase of Taranaki by Now Zealand Company ib.
Purchase of Mona from Waikato 9
Return of Ngatiawa 10
Mr Spain's Award, Governor Fitzroy's Dissent ib.
Mr Gladstone's Opinion ib.
Sir George Grey 11
Wiremu Kingi's Return to Taranaki 12
Disturbed State of District ib.
Governor Browne's proceeding in 1859 13
Teira's Offer, King's interference 14
Investigation of Commissioners ib.
Resistance to Survey 15
Troops ordered to be present. Hostilities 16
Meeting and Verdict of General Assembly 17
And of Conference of Maori Chiefs 18
II. Principles.
Position of Governor with respect to responsible Ministers 20
Proposed Council for Native Affairs 22
Propriety of referring Questions of Title to the Chief Commissioner 23page iv
Difficulties in Native Title 25
W. King's Claims ib.
1 Of Proprietary Right 26
2 Of Tribal Right 31
3 Of Mana 39
4 Land-league 41
Maori King movement 42
W. King's Character 44
Governor's Statements 45
Character of Governor 47
Appendix 49