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A Leaf from the Natural History of New Zealand


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Hipi, sheep. (Ovis aries)

Hoiho, horse (Equus caballus)

Kaihe, ass. (Asinus vulgaris)

Kararehe, dog. The true native dog is now perhaps extinct; it was rather a large kind, with a black muzzle and long hair. (Canis familiaris)

Kekeno, seal. (Arctocephalus ursinus)

Kiore, rat. The native rat is not above a third of the size of the Norway rat. (Mus ratus.) Remarkable on account of its scrotum being pendulous, like the ram, bull, &c.

Kirehe, dog. Syn. with Kararehe

Kuhukuhu, pig

Kuri, common name for dog; it is also frequently used for the horse. Syn. with Kararehe

Maero, wild man of the woods. Native report

Mimiha, seal. Syn. with Kekeno

Moimoi, a familiar name for dog. Syn. with Kararehe

Moki, rat. Syn. with Kiore Nane, dog. Syn. with Kararehe

Nanenane, goat. (Capra ægagrus)

Ngeru, cat. (Felis catus)

Patupaearehe, wild man of the woods. Syn. with Maero

Pekapeka, bat. (Vespertilis tuberculatus.) Very small

Peropero, a half starved dog

Poaka, pig. There are three varieties, the grey or Tongataboo; another having lateral parallel brown lines along its side; the third is a black one. (Sus scrofa)

Poipoi, familiar name for dog

Poti, cat. Syn. with Ngeru

Pouhawaiki, English rat. In the North this is called the Kiore Pakeha; in the interior it is called the rat of Hawaiki

Pukutuaro. Syn. with Maero

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Punua, a little pig or dog

Reme, lamb

Riroi, rat. Syn. with Kiore

Tori, cat. Syn. with Ngeru

Waitoreke, otter. (Uncertain, perhaps the seal)

Wakahau, Syn. with Maero.