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An Epitome of Official Documents Relative to Native Affairs and Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand

Character of Opposition

Character of Opposition.

The influence against me was easily traceable to the foreign bishop of the Roman Catholic persuasion, and to a set of escaped convicts and other low ruffians who have congregated on this river in considerable numbers. These parties, though actuated by different motives, were united in their pro-page 18ceedings, and many of the latter were agents of the former. Mr. M—whom I have mentioned, though not of a degraded class, is an adventurer, who lives with a Native woman, has purchased a considerable portion of land, and, being an Irish Catholic, is an active agent of the bishop.

Another person; altogether of a lower description, known under the name of "Jacky Marmon," who is married to a Native woman and has resided in this country since 1809, is also an agent of the bishop. He assumes the Native character in its worst form—is a cannibal—and has been conspicuous in the Native wars and outrages for years past. Against such people I shall have to contend in every quarter, but I do not despair of arranging matters hereafter with comparative ease. The two points at which I have already met the Natives were the strongholds of our most violent opponents; and, not withstanding the untiring efforts of the bishop and the convicts, I have obtained the almost unanimous assent of the chiefs. On the whole of the Hokianga but two head chiefs refused their consent, and even from their tribes many chiefs have added their names to the Treaty.

On the morning of the 14th, when preparing to return here, I regret to say that, notwithstanding the universal good feeling which subsisted amongst the chiefs on the day previous, two tribes—of the Roman Catholic communion—requested that their names might be withdrawn from the Treaty. It is obvious that the same mischievous influence I before complained of had been exercised in this instance. I did not, of course, suffer the alteration; but I regret that the credulity of the chiefs should render them so susceptible of unfavourable impressions.

I considered that on the conclusion of the Treaty of Waitangi the sovereignty of Her Majesty over the northern district was complete. I can now only add that the adherence of the Hokianga chiefs renders the question beyond dispute. I therefore propose to issue a Proclamation announcing that Her Majesty's dominion in New Zealand extends from the North Cape, to the 36th degree of latitude. As I proceed southward, and obtain the consent of the chiefs, I will extend these limits by Proclamation, until I can include the whole of the Islands.

I have, &c.,

W. Hobson.

His Excellency Sir George Gipps, &c.