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Maori Deeds of Old Private Land Purchases in New Zealand, From the Year 1815 to 1840, with Pre-Emptive and Other Claims



1839. 3 July.Waikato District.Maraetai.Let all men who see this Deed know that we whose names or marks have been here written, the chiefs of Ngatitahinga, of one of the tribes of Waikato which resides on the Western coast of New Zealand, deliver up, sell, and give away that portion of land, Church of England Mission. Maraetai, which lies at the mouth of the river Waikato on the Southern bank to Manihera (Reverend Robert Maunsell) and Ahiwera (Benjamin Ashwell) as land in perpetuity for the Committee of Missionaries of the Church of England, or for any other person whom that said Committee may name: and we give up the land, the trees, the waters, and everything of every kind above and beneath that said land, in return for the payments here written which have been given to us; and we here profess that we are the sole owners of the land, and that we alone are the persons who have a right to sell that said land, Maraetai, which lies within these boundaries which are herein written: and let no one hereafter call in question this purchase of the said Reverend Robert Maunsell and Benjamin Ashwell, which was completed on this day, July 3, 1839.
Boundaries. [80 acres.] And these are the boundaries of that said land, Maraetai. The boundary on the Northward is the river Waikato: that on the North East begins at the post which has been raised up at Patitiki and ascends a ridge to as far as Putataka: then goes to the page 367Southward to the Pa at the landslip, then descends the ridge to the Puriri (tree), to a hole which was dug in the bank of the stream to Tauranga-kauwau, then it goes in the middle of the stream and proceeds to that other stream which flows into Taurangakauwau, and goes in the middle of the stream to the Westward to a hole which was dug in the bank of that stream Oraeroa: then it goes to the Northward, in a straight line, to a hole which was dug on the top of the hill of Taratiemi: then it goes to South West on the top of the ridge to Makeo, and descends to a hole which was dug at Raumatirua at the bank of the lake and goes right on to the sea.
And these are the payments which were given by Maunsell and Ashwell to us, and Receipt. which we approve of, as a payment for that portion of land, Maraetai: 23 blankets, one Sovereign, 12 axes, 16 adzes, 14 shirts, 14 trousers (duck), 14 lbs. soap, 10 New Testaments, 13 scissors, 6 spades, 17 (pocket) looking glasses, 20 razors, 6 handkerchiefs, 55 lbs. tobacco.



A True Translation.

Thomas S. Forsaith, Interpreter.