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Maori Deeds of Old Private Land Purchases in New Zealand, From the Year 1815 to 1840, with Pre-Emptive and Other Claims

(1.) The Total Number of Claims

(1.) The Total Number of Claims.

It will be seen that the land claims of New Zealand under purchases or dealings with Natives were P1375 1,376 in number. I have divided them into four classes:—

Class I. consists of 1,050 cases belonging to the series of Old Land Claims which were sent in to the Governments of New South Wales and New Zealand within the time limited by the ordinances of 1840 and 1841, received a separate number, and were successively referred to Commissioners Fisher, Godfrey, Richmond, Fitzgerald, and Spain.

Class II. consists of claims under Governor FitzRoy's Proclamation of 1844, commonly known as Pre-emptive Land Claims, amounting to 250 cases: these were mostly referred to Commissioner Matson.

Class III. consists of claims which were sent in to the Government but not referred to the former Commissioners or included in the series of Old Land Claims, or which properly do not belong either to that series or the Pre-emptive series. These number 58 cases.

Class IV. consists of Half-caste Claims.

I believe these four classes will be found to contain every claim arising out of purchase or other dealings with the Natives for the acquisition of land, which is known to have been sent in to the Government from the foundation of the colony up to the present time, with the exception of a few which have been settled under the 11th section of "The Waste Lands Act, 1858," and of the leases for pastoral occupation which were entered into in the southern portions of the North Island.