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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review October 1905

Applied Philosophy

page 56

Applied Philosophy.

Auream Quisquis mdiocritatem
diligit tutus - - - - caret invidenda sobrius aula.


Applied philosophy

Strike the drum in festive manner,
Wave aloft glorious banner,
Everywhere let joy be seen.
Wherefore, wherefore, is this wild mood ?
Don't you see ? In'ts second childhood,
Horace leads his "Golden Mean."

Standing round are vice and virtue,
Sought too hard they both will hurt you,
Handle both with thick wrought glove.
Money's false, don't try to wed it,
Live so long you can on credit,
Then on poetry and love.

If the "terms" are drawing nigher,
Not to fail 's your one desire,
All your time in "swot" is spent.
Don't let life become a burden,
Shun a first-class and a third 'un,
With a second rest content.

If o'er football you're ecstatic,
Don't let speech be too emphatic!
Be not slack nor t yet too keen.
Don't go in for maiming, killing,
Just proceed to make it "willing,"
When the referee's not seen.

Do not live above your station,
Take your food in moderation,
Store the wine until 'tis ripe.
Follow then each useful adage.
Live on celery and cabbage,
Varied with a little tripe.

We acknowledge, gentle Horace,
You have done your utmost for us,
With philosophy serene.
You have shown us all your graces,
Never mind the common places,
Let them be the "Golden Mean.