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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review 1912

Olla podrida

page 25

Olla podrida

Wanted, by married couple, with boy, nearly 3, private Board and Residence, wife temporary- Terms to Storeman, Evening Post,

Shocking morals of the working classes!

* * *

New Zealand Times, Aug. 27th, 1912 :—Maypole Soap for Home Dying—in all colours.

Not so messy as the razor-method, and produces the same effect as an apoplectic seizure.

* * *

"For the sake of peace, and in order to preserve unnecessary friction."—G. C. J - - k - - n.

Evidently describing the tactic o f the Librarian.

* * *

Wanted, unfurnished Room, fireplace, where baby boy I year and 4 month old) could be cared or during day. Apply Kindness, Evening Post,

"He will never have such a roasting time at
Any other place or any other climate!"
As the old ballad hath it.

* * *

Commercial Candour in Cuba Street.

We don't often have a Sale, but when we do, we DO!"

* * *

And Near Plimer's Steps.

"John R. L.——, Tailor; Suits Cleaned and Pressed; First Flat Upstairs."

* * *

Is Germany Aware of this?

"An alien enemy cannot sue himself in England."

—Prof. Ad - ms - n.

* * *

From a Local Milliner's Window.

"Bargains with a Vengence!"
Stilly there seems to be something lacking.

page 26

"Painless Extraction, is.; with Gas, 2S. 6d."

—Dentist's Advt.

Pain and Gas—all for is 6d! It's ours!

* * *

"The aspirants for Red Federation fame left the scene of their exploit sadder but wider men."


Even the 'Minion can't deny the broadening Influence of the "Reds."

* * *

Wanted,—Mothers, bring the babies; Infant's Stock Sizes, 2, 3, 4, 5, usually 3s. 6d., going for 9d.—George Lindsay's, Lambton Quay.


* * *

Situation required as Driver by; steady, reliable married man, just out.—H.W., Adelaide Road.

Evening Post.

Oh well, let bygones be bygones.

* * *

"His best tactics are to get in close to his opponent, rest his head under his chin, while he pumps body blows right and left.—Evening Post,

Even Jackson can't manage this.

* * *

Lost a sovereign on Waterloo Road, or given to the person who bought a benefit ticket in mistake for is change. Apply Honesty.—Evening Post.

Change of this sort is always beneficial.

* * *

Readers of our last number will remember a gentle thrust which we made at "Liber," of the N.Z. Times, for ascribing the remark "the demnition bow-wows" to Mr. Micawber.

The cream of the jest is still to come. We have received a triumphant communication from a nameless correspondent, who solemnly points out that "unfortunately for the importance which should attach to your correcting paragraph 'When found make a note of is credited to Mr. Mantalini instead of Captain Cuttle." If we might do so without impertinence, we would suggest "Duns Scotus" as a suitable nom-de-plume for our critic.

Two other accusations are levelled against us, to one of which, with all due humility, we plead guilty. yes, Mantelini

page break
Student Association Executive.

Student Association Executive.

Back Row.—G. Strack, Miss G. Lawry, F. G. Hall-Jones, Miss I. Tennant, Miss F. Cooke, F. L. G. West, P. W. Burbidge.

Front Row.—Miss M. L. Nicholls, R. H. Quilliam, P. B. Broad, J. C. McDowall, Miss H. Jenkins, G. C. Jackson.

page 27

should be Mantalini. "Make a note of" the indictment says should be "make a note on." This we referred to our printer's devil (a hockey enthusiast), who reports as follows:—

  • Chapter xv.—Of, 2; On, nil.
  • Chapter xxiii.—Of, 1; On, nil.
  • Chapter xlix.—Of, 1; On. nil.