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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review 1912

Christian Union. — Meetings

Christian Union.


At the meeting held on May 25th, Mr. E. R. Peacock, who has travelled in many lands, gave us some vivid ideas of the conditions obtaining in the mission fields of the Far East.

On June 8th Professor Picken delivered, by request, the address on "Christian Heresy," which he had previously given at a meeting of the Heretics' Club.

The meeting held on June 22nd was addressed by Mr. A. P. Webster. Mr. Webster traced the growth of Labour unrest, and emphasised the need for scientific study of labour problems, making a plea for the closer union of Church and Labour.

During the visit of the Rev. F. L. Paton, at the beginning of the second term, five meetings were held, three being general meetings.

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On Saturday, July 27th, the Rev. Paton delivered an address on "The Modern World's Challenge to the Universities." There is a known need existing among the nation of the world. It is an intense and urgent need. Man is undoubtedly a "religious animal," and what do the religions of the world offer him? He may be compared to a man struggling in a pool of water. Mahomet comes to him and says, "Allah be praised! It is fate." Buddha says, "Struggle on and all will be well.' Hinduism says, "Pray for a new incarnation in the next state Christ says. "Take, My hand."

A meeting for men only was addressed on ".'The Spiritual Factor in College Life"; one for women only, on "The Dayles ford Movement," great; stress being laid on the power and work of the Holy Spirit. Missionary addresses were also given at the last two general meetings held in connection with this visit.

Professor Hunter addressed a meeting held on August 31st on "Some Notes on the Ethics of the Bible." He outlined the development of the ethical sense in man, showing how various incident. in the Old Testament correspond with stages in the development of this ethical sense. He emphasised the high standard of the majority of the humanistic teachings of Jesus Christ; but considered that harm had been done by His teachings with regard to the supernatural.

The annual social was held on Saturday, August 17th. It will be readily understood with what reluctance the Union makes reference to its own social achievements and render account thereof. So far as the Union can judge, everything went with a good swing, and a most sociable evening' was spent.