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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, October 1913

Such Stuff as Dreams

Such Stuff as Dreams.

In an address to the British Association, Mr. Victor Parr. M.A., Librarian of the Royal College of Surgeons, England, declared that dreams were the disguised fulfilment of repressed wish.

Press Association Cable Item.

The above paragraph having been brought under the notice of the Spike's Clairvoyant, Crystal-gazer, and Dream Expert, he has immediately brought his Dream-book up to date, and is publishing a new edition. From an advance copy we have made the following extracts, which we have arranged alphabetically:—

Adamson: To dream of this subject signifies the repression of a strong wish not to dream of it. It is best that the fulfilment should be as disguised as possible.

Chickens: This dream, common after an evening meal at Victoria College, is proof of the repression of the wish not to have eaten that fourth boiled egg.

page 38

Deafness: Should one dream that one suffers from this affliction, the inference to be drawn is that one has at some time or other been forced by circumstances to repress the wish not to hear the College Glee Club in action.

Examinations: To dream that one has passed an examination, besides being the disguised fulfilment of a repressed wish, is a sad mistake.

Feet: See under F. L. G. West.

Joke: A professorial dream most typical of the repressed wish series.

Pug-dogs: If these are dreamt of by a lady, the mean-ing is that though she has had a strong wish to be an old maid, she has nobly repressed it. If dreamt of by Professor Kirk, it presages ill for the little dog that lives across the road from him, for one never can tell when the wish will become too strong to be longer repressed. If he dreams of pug-dogs for three nights in succession, then it's all up with the little dog in question. Roseneath papers please copy.

Reform: Should this subject be dreamt of by the Minister of Education, he has repressed his well-known wish to grant a Royal Commission. Should Professor Hunter be the dreamer, it signifies his signal conquest of his wish not to write to the papers on the subject.

Sea: A dream that one has fallen into the sea generally means that one has managed to repress the wish to have a bath that morning.

Trams: To dream that one runs for a tram and misses it, indicates the wish, repressed with difficulty, to hasten to be in time for one of Professor Garrow's lectures.

Zedlitz: No, you really mustn't.

We can safely recommend our readers to purchase this book as soon as possible. Should they wish to consult our Clairvoyant, Crystal-gazer, and Dream Expert in person, they may do so at his Chambers, second door to the right of main entrance to College Building. Fees moderate. Satisfaction guaranteed,