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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, October 1913

Hadfield Hostel Notes

page 55

Hadfield Hostel Notes.

The experiences of the past year have proved no exception to the general, and once again we have found ourselves unpleasantly over-crowded. Our successes have been partial and unconvincing; our reverses devastating and catastrophic. G. M. Cleghorn did not win the Tennis Championship at Easter, although he had every opportunity of doing so, and the Rev. A. W. H. Compton failed to annex the annual Snooker Tournament held at the Wellesley Club, being easily defeated in the first round. On the other hand, A. Hudson won the three miles event with such ridiculous ease as to make it quite obvious that the other competitors were not trying. We hope he will show better form next year.

A. F. Meldrum and F. E. McKenzie both gained places in the First Fifteen at the beginning of the season, but after the first two matches they were relegated to their proper position among the Juniors. We trust that this will be a warning to the Selection Committee in future years.

During the year we have played two hockey matches and a football match against the Training College, and although we were badly outclassed on each occasion, we were lucky enough to secure a draw in the first hockey match and win the other two games. Throughout the play was of a low standard, and altogether uninteresting. Curiously enough, N. A. Foden scored one of our goals.

We are sorry to have to admit that the Chapel attendance has not been good. Muring the earlier stages of the first term, there were often two or three present, but of late there has been a marked falling off. We have drawn up a list of the percentages scored by the best and worst performers respectively:—

Best.—Rev. A. W. H. Compton, 97 per cent.; G. M. Cleghorn, 13 per cent.

Worst.—F. E. McKenzie, 1.5 per cent.; L. A. Rogers, .7 per cent.; A. E. Dobbie, also started.

*Our most unqualified success was that achieved in the Plunket Medal Competition, in which we were represented by page 56 F. E. McKenzie, L. A. Rogers, and A. F. Meldrum. McKenzie especially is to be congratulated on his great nerve in entering at all. None of them gained places.

We have received visits from several ex-residents of the Hostel, including E. W. Inder, J. H. Daniell, and Mr. E. M. MacKersey. All expressed themselves as happy and contented in their present lodgings.

With regard to our theological attainments, it behoves us to be somewhat reticent; self-praise is at all times to be avoided, and we refrain from stating that which modesty forbids.

* [At time of going to press the Plunket Medal Competition had not been held.—Ed. Spike.]