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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, October 1913

Christian Union. — Meetings

Christian Union.


At a meeting held on June 7th, Archdeacon Harper delivered an address on "Christianity and War," in which he held that in the present state of society war is in certain cases justifiable, though the Christian ideal is undoubtedly that of peace. In the discussion subsequent to his address, the Archdeacon in-cidentally put forward some suggestive views as to the "trust" given to the British Empire.

A meeting held on August 30th was addressed by Mr. Barton on the subject of "Commerce and Christianity." Mr. Barton considered that the principles ought to be and could be made the basis and standard of commercial life, an element sometimes thought to be hostile to them.

The meeting on September 13th was made public, and was very largely attended. It took the form of the first of two lectures given by Bishop Sprott upon the subject "What Christianity is." In his usual masterly style the Bishop outlined the chief characteristics of Christianity as compared with the other religions of the world. Beginning with a conjecture as to the origin of religions in general, he went on to divide them into several groups. From these it appeared that Christianity is a monotheistic religion with an historical founder, of an ethical nature, with the characteristic of universality, and having a redemptive power. The whole religion finds its expression in the person of Jesus Christ, and is sustained in men by the Holy Spirit. Perhaps the most striking part of the address was that page 57 in which the Bishop showed how God is a "moral' Being, though outside the human relations whence "virtues" arise. God is "love," and virtues are love passing through the medium of life—love breaking itself up into the various moral qualities, such as courage and self-sacrifice. In illustration of this was quoted Shelley's image—

"Life, like a dome of many-coloured glass,
Stains the white radiance of eternity."

The annual social was held on Saturday, August 16th. There were a large number of students present, and a very enjoyable evening was spent. It speaks well for the sicial life at the College that so many students can pass so pleasant a time together in this way.

Arrangements are being made for the Annual Conference, which is being held at Woodville, and for which Victoria College is "host" this year.