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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, October 1913

Chemical and Physical Society

Chemical and Physical Society.

"Phenomena arc our data, and behind them we cannot go, except in imagination"

—A. Schopenhauer.

At the opening meeting in May, Mr. Burbidge read a paper dealing with some research work carried out by Professor C. T. Wilson. This piece of research gives us an insight into the nature of ionisation of gases. By a series of brilliant experiments, in which great ingenuity and skill was shown, Professor Wilson was able to photograph the paths of gaseous ions (atoms with an electric charge) as they travelled through gases.

With the aid of the lantern, Mr. Burbidge was able to project on to the lecture room wall photographs of the actual paths of the ions.

At the same meeting, Mr. Hercus gave a short account of some experiments on the Reflection and Refraction of X-Rays, which had been carried out by recent investigators.

At the next meeting, held in August, Mr. Fulton read a paper on the "Use of Acids of Phosphorus in Molecular Weight Determination." This proved to be a very interesting paper, and more so because it was concerned with experimental data page 58 obtained by the author himself. Many interesting points were raised in connection with the investigation.

At the third meeting, held in September, Mr. Stuart gave an account of some recent experiments he had carried out on the "Reflection of X-Rays." He was successful in obtaining well-defined reflection of these rays from crystals of bismuth, antimony, and arsenic, besides repeating experiments of other workers at the subject. At the time of his experiments there was no literature in Australia giving an account of any previous investigators having performed similar experiments with the above substances. However, subsequently it was found, when a certain journal did arrive in New Zealand, that other investigators had forestalled him by several months.