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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, October 1913

Hockey — Men's Hockey Club

page 60


Men's Hockey Club.

image of men playing hockey

The season which has now practically closed has proved an unprecedented success for our Club, and a record has been established which will take some living: up to. The Senior team has again received the laurels of victory, winning the Championship Cup by the handsome margin of 7 points. The win has been a popular one, and is calculated to stir up enthusiasm for next year. An interesting feature of the season's play was the meeting of the Otago 'Varsity team during the visit of the Otago representatives. This game was most en-joyable, the local team winning by 3 to 2. Unfortunately, it was found impossible to get a team away this season to accept Auckland 'Varsity's kind invitation, but Auckland wish it to be known that they expect a visit next year.

The Committee this year have been somewhat enterprising, and have decided to import, ready for next season, a number of specially designed sticks. These are to be bound (Ye gods!) with green and gold binding, and will be called the Victoria College stick. Needless to say, these should be in great demand next reason, and those desirous of purchasing a new stick should make further enquiries.

The appeal, Mr. Editor, through your last issue for financial assistance towards the securing of a Club-house at Karori did not prove as fruitful as we had anticipated, but, nothing daunted, we again say the advantages of such a building are perfectly ovbious, and the Committee confidently expects the erection of this to be an accomplished Fact in time for next season. While on the suestion of finance, this year the raising of ground fees and other charges by the Association has caused an unusual demand on the coffers of the Club, but page 61 thanks to generous donors, the burden has been considerably lightened. It is hoped, by means of the proceeds from the break-up dance, which is promoted under the auspices of the Hockey Clubs, that all Liabilities will be met.

The Club has pleasure in congratulating Messrs. G. Strack, C. Strack, Burbidge (now unfortunately departed), and Griffiths on securing Senior Representative honours; Messrs. K. Strack, Thomson and Gaze for emergency rank, and Messrs. Cleghorn and Rowntree in gaining a place in the "B" team. In Junior grades, Messrs. Cockerill, Salek, Fossette and Collins are to be congratulated for getting into the Junior Representatives. The Junior teams have maintained their high standing all through, and deserve credit for their display. Junior "A" have still a chance for the premiership in their grade.


v. Government Insurance. Won, 4—2.

Very scrappy; everyone got bruises; backs not bothering to stop rushes. Forwards resting on their glory. A good lesson to all to keep busy, and not slack.

V. Wellington. Won, 8-1.

Morpeth, for Wellington, would persist in making excursions from the circle. What could we do?

v. Karori. Lost, 0—1.

All is blank. We missed our full-back when he got badly laid out. Beere, substitute for Strack the Third, not up to his old form. Karori played splendidly. Campbell is a tough nut.

v. United. Won, 9—0.

United expected a drubbing when they heard College with rare stoicism had kept away from Capping dance and "supper." Truly they had their reward.

v. Govt, insurance. Won, 2—1.

A sorry exhibition, not wholly our own fault.

v. Metropolitan. Won, 9—0.

Poor old Mets. They gave us a good game, but were too tasty for the voracious "vorwards." Their goal-keeper did not feel the cold to-day.

v. Karori. Won, 4—3.

The best match of the season. Both sides made a vigorous endeavour—near end of game College down 2—3, but nothing daunted, everyone got busy, and those last five minutes, ending with the winning score by the young Strack, right on line, were like a whole game taken tabloid fashion.

page 62

That the whole team played up to record form is evidenced by the goal record, both for and against—our backs letting in only 18, and our forwards putting in a total of 68 in 11 matches.

Junior A.

v. St. Augustine's. Won, 2—1.

Salek scored both goals. yeats and McDowall played well in the backs.

v. V.C. B. Won, 8—0.

Did 2A forget that there would be two reports on the game? We are inclined 10 believe parly bias must have been introduced. Scores were: Salek 5, Jones 2, Foden 1, (Did you kick it through, Foden?)

v. Hutt Valley. Won, 3—2.

Owing to injuries, several changes were made in backs. Forwards played in great style. Again Salek 2, Foden 1.

v. K.Y.M.I. Drawn, 2—2.

Unfortunately (or was it?), K.Y.M.I, saw fit to protest over the referee's version of the advantage rule. This match is to be replayed,

v. United. Drawn, 2-2.

Collins and Fossette scored. The better team did not win. Our men lacked combination !

v. Govt. Life. Drawn, 1—1.

Very scrappy game; want of combination again felt; scorer unknown.

v. K.Y.M.I. Lost, 5—3.

Opponents too tough a proposition; hence these tears. Lennard, Salek, and Foden scored.

v. Wellington. Won, 3—1.

Very wet. Cockerill and Jones played well.

v. Hutt. Won, 3—1.

Cockerill (sans stick) kicked and saved splendidly. Bes1 game to date; in fact, no one merited censure.

Junior B.

v. Karori. Lost, 2—3.

"Vac." troubles. With one short and two reserves, we managed to make it a close "go." Seddon scored both goals.

page 63

v. Victoria College A. Lost, 0-8.

The patrotic spirit of the B team caused their play to be lacking in the vim shown in the preceding game. It is rumoured that Caddick denies this. Ask Foden.

v. St. Mark's. Won, 4-1.

Scorers were Scott (2), Eager, Seddon. The best game so far—fast and with some combination. Scott's second goal was the outcome of a forward syndicate. There was a deluge of oranges, so Jowett took his four to eat on the way home.

v. Wellington. Lost, 7-0.

Remarks on the game. ??!!

v. St. Augustine's. Drawn, 2—2.

Our goal-keeper complained of the cold! Contrary to custom, we scored last. Whole team much improved; luck was against us. Heron good in goal. Scott and Eager were the culprit

v. St. Mark's. Lost, 2—3.

No referee Eager and Seddon scored.

v. United. Won, 6—5.

Very muddy. Eager (4). Kay and Ewart scored.

v. Karori.

Won by default. Evidently our reputation had preceded us!


Reports on Third Eleven are very meagre; but though the season has been a trying one, valuable work has been done in initiating several new member. The heat and burden of the day have been borne by Edwards and Robertson, but the Captain reports that all have done their fair share.