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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, October 1913


page 65


Sketch of man kicking rugby ball at goal posts

In reviewing the doing's of the past season, a feeling of re-gret is mingled with one of satisfaction—for we might have done better than we did. We commenced the season fairly well, and finished well but we did poorly in "der bedween dimes." We were unfortunately handicapped by the absence of six of our best players during the month of July—they were in Sydney with the N.Z. 'Varsity team. It was while they were away that we suffered our worst defeats. Still, we played the game, and did our level best and as Scott's archer says, "A man can but do his best; nevertheless—." But that, as Kipling says, is another story. Once again we managed to avoid the wooden spoon; once, too, the "Dominion" grew almost enthusiastic! Messers Quilliam, Sandel. Faire, Shaw, Fawcett, and Ryan are to be congratulated on their inclusion in the team which visited Sydney.

Results of Games.

Senior Fifteen.

v. Oriental. Lost, 6— 14.

Played on an awful ground, down which a strong wind swept. In the first spell we had the wind. East scored, taking a pass from Bennett at the opportune moment; and Bennett kicked a penalty goal. In the second spell, Oriental, with the wind behind them, scored four tries.

v. Petone. Lost, 3—16

A good, fast, open game. Petone had some luck in the first spell, but in the early stages of the game they beat our team badly. Bennetl scored for College. In the -md spell, our page 66 men played much better, and as even the "Dominion" puts it, "had slightly the better of the second half." The Blues had secured that mysterious thing, "condition," and outlasted the College team.

v. Athletic. Lost, 0—8.

Our men held their redoubtable opponents until well into the first spell. Then Evenson made a good run and scored, Roberts converting. In the second spell, the College team made a good light, but time and again good chances of scoring were thrown away through lack of finish. Enting made some fine runs, but the tackling of the Athletic backs was deadly.

v. St. James. Lost, 0—11.

With Ryan, Faire, Quilliam, Fawcett, and Paulsen in Sydney, we knew defeat was staring us in the face. Heketa scored two tries for St. James, and Crewes kicked a goal. In the second spell, College played well.

v. Wellington. Lost, 3—30.

College 12 men. The better team won!

v. Poneke. Won, 19—16.

Strengthened by the return of the holiday-makers, we managed to defeat Poneke at the Park. Poneke was a much better team than the one we met in first round. The game was fast and exciting, first one team, and then the other scoring". Poneke opened the scoring account, but Faire levelled matters with a good try. Then Poneke scored again, and Mitchinson converted. Play became exciting, and after a good combined run (Quilliam, L. Beard, Enting), Enting scored, and Sandel converted. Tilyard then broke away, and scored in the corner, and Mitchinson kicked a beautiful goal. No sooner had the second spell commenced than Keys added another try for our opponents. The College forwards set their teeth, and after a determined rush, Paulsen scored. Then Ryan cleverly snapped up and ran over, Sandel kicking a goal. Poneke again attacked, but Faire intercepted a pass, and after a brilliant run nearly the whole length of the ground, dived over at the corner. College was now having the better of the game, and two more tries were scored by Sim and Sandel. Ryan, Faire, Sandel, Beard and Miller played well in the backs. All the forwards were honest toilers.

v. Melrose. Won, 11—3.

A poor game. Melrose had only 12 men. For College, Sandel kicked a penalty goal. Then MacKenzie scored from a forward scramble; and later the same player scored from a well-judged centring kick by Tom Beard.

page 67

Third Fifteen.

v. Wellington College. Lost, 3—14.

Scorer, Tennant. A fast, open game.

v. Athletic. Lost, 0—21.

Two short. No details available.

v. Hutt. Lost, 0—20.

Again no details.

v. Oriental. Lost, 0—20.

In spite of score, this was a good game. Ellis and Mel-drum played well.

v. Melrose. Won, 9—5

Scorers were Tarrant and Rodwell. Dobson kicked a fine penalty goal. Yet the skipper says the game was disappointing.

v. Wadestown. Won by default.

We did enjoy the seven-a-side game, though.

v. Old Boys. Lost, 0—5.

College played in their very best form this match. Greville played a sound game right through, while Ellis's brilliant defensive tactics are still the talk of the team. This was the last game of the season, and though we can claim nothing but a series of defeats, we always tried to give our opponents "a run for their money"; we hope for better things next season.

Inter-'Varsity Football.

Victoria College v. Auckland 'Varsity. Drawn, 8—8.

On the 3rd June Victoria College met the Auckland University team at the Athletic Park. The Northern College, though not represented by its strongest team, had a speedy, clever, and hefty set of representatives to do battle with us. V.C. kicked off with the wind, and attacked smartly. From a scrum near the line Stainton shot the ball out to Faire. who was pushed into touch. Shortly after this, L. Beard broke away, beating several opponents badly. hie was tackled, however, and a scrum followed. The Auckland team then came down the field with a good rush, but the College backs, stopped it well. Brosnan commenced a good dribbling rush, which was completed by Quilliam, who was just beaten for the ball as it went over the line. Just before the spell ended T. Beard kicked a penalty goal.

Almost immediately after play was resumed, L. Beard made a magnificent run for fully fifty yards, and when close to the line passed to Paulsen, who scored. T. Beard converted. Then page 68 the Auckland backs woke up, and began to attack. A pretty passing rush completely beat the V.C. backs, and Gray scored a splendid try. The Aucklanders renewed the attack; the ball came out again to the backs, and Gray, cutting in cleverly, scored again, but Macky missed an easy kick. At this stage a well-known V.C. supporter was heard to murmur "Bliicher or night!' Night it was; and the game ended in a draw. For Auckland, Gray, Geddes, and Macky played well in the backs, especially Gray. Our forwards were good; the backs were not up to form, though L. Beard played well.

Victoria College v. Canterbury College. Lost, 11—23.

This game was played at Lancaster Park, Christchurch, before a large crowd. We were not at our full strength, the forwards being weak, and in no way a match for our opponents, who time after time pushed our pack over the ball. Our backs were therefore smothered before they could get going. We were further handicapped by a series of accidents. In the second spell the forwards played with greater vim, and Quilliam, East and Faire scored tries, one of which Sandel converted. Our opponents scored 23 points.

We were splendidly entertained by the Canterbury College men, who met us at the station and drove us to our hotel. After the match, a dinner was held, and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, being exceedingly sorry to have to catch even the late boat.

N.Z. University Football Tour.

This year, owing to difficulties in getting a team away, Sydney University invited the N.Z. University to send a football team to Australia in lieu of their sending a team here. This invitation was gladly accepted by our clubs.

We sent over our best available representatives, and they were successful in winning all their matches. The three matches against Sydney (University were all very evenly con-tested, Sydney leading in every case at the end of the first spell. Rapid scoring on the part of our team in the second spell pulled the game out of the fire in each case. The win again Metropolitan (27—10) is noteworthy, in that it is the first time that a N.Z. University team has beaten a Metropolitan team. Victoria College had six representatives in the team—P. J. Ryan (vice-captain), A. Faire, R. H. Quilliam, P. Sandel, T. Shaw and T. Fawcett. Mr. W Perry acco45mpanied the teamas manager. M. Paulsen, also of Victoria College, who travelled with the team, also played in the last match.

page 69

The members of our team were unanimous in praising the manner in which they had been entertained during their stay in Sydney, special mention being made in every case of Mr. Hyam Marks, President of the Sydney University Football Club. Owing to the prevalence of smallpox, the team was forced to spend another week in Sydney, but the members seemed only too pleased to be able to do so.

It is to be hoped that when the Sydney team visits inhere next year we can send them away with equally pleasant memories.