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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1936

Victoria University Graduates, 1936

page 25

Victoria University Graduates, 1936

Masters of Arts With Honours.

Black, Marjorie Edith Stuart (2nd Class in History).

Brown, Cyril Maxwell Palmer (1st Class in Economics).

Eggers, Isabella Margaret (1st Class in History).

Halliday, George (2nd Class in Education).

Katz, Alfred Hyman (1st Class in Philosophy).

Lancaster, Edna Muriel (2nd Class in History).

McClymont, Doris Anne (2nd Class in French).

Neill, Margaret Melrose (1st Class in French).

Thompson, Marshall Roscoe (2nd class in Philosophy).

Whitworth, Herbert Lees (2nd Class in English).

Wilson, Guthrie Edward (1st Class in History).

Masters of Arts.

  • Brown, Nina Sybil.
  • Cumberworth, Ronald William.
  • Dalglish, Robert Graeme Gilbert.
  • Fairway, Edward James Llewellyn.
  • Forde, Catherine Stalker.
  • Frye, Noel Ainslie.
  • Goodwin, William Alan Bertie.
  • Harding, Margaret Audrey.
  • Hercus, Allan Gordon.
  • Kirk, Charles Gordon.
  • Mason, Zelma Oakley.
  • Owen, Lawson Fraser.

Bachelors of Arts.

  • Anderson, Agnes Evelyn.
  • Bagnall, Austin Graham.
  • Baker, Harold Leonard.
  • Bell, Marion Ogilvie.
  • Bird, Margaret Ruth.
  • Bishop, Mona Ethel.
  • Briggs, Dorothy.
  • Brown, Doris Muriel.
  • Bryant, William Henderson.
  • Childs, Clare Minnie.
  • Clegg, Jesse Elias Bruce.
  • Davidson, James Wightman.
  • Dickens, Iris Evelyn.
  • Edwards, Douglas George.
  • Edwards, Percivale Mary Patricia.
  • Evans, Ernest Walter.
  • Fraser, Sheila.
  • Gerard, Dorothy Kathleen.
  • Grainger, Janet.
  • Hatherly, John Saynor.
  • Hefford, Margaret Cicely.
  • Hills, Ivan James.
  • Hull, David Norman.
  • Hutchens, Richard Lewis.
  • Kelly, Brian Huia Patterson.
  • Kennedy, Archibald Patrick Leslie.
  • King, Letitia Myra.
  • Kingan, Jesse Lawrence.
  • Long, Rodger Harry.
  • McClymont, Catherine Ainslie Cockburn.
  • McDonald, Hugh George Brown.
  • Mason, Malcolm John.
  • Mentiplay, Cedric Raymond.
  • Mills, Edward William.
  • Missen, Eric Alderson.
  • Mitchell, William Stewart.
  • Mules, Mary.
  • Nisbet, Audrey Muriel.
  • Northe, Patti Purvis.
  • O'Brien, Eric.
  • Odell, Robert Sidney.
  • Oram, Matthew Henry.
  • Redward, Allison May.
  • Robertson, John Stewart Hector.
  • Rollings, William Penrose.
  • Sheahon, Kevin.
  • Smith, Dorothy Ellen.
  • Smith, William Henry.
  • Stock, Mary Josephine.
  • Vercoe, Gordon Edward.
  • Vietmeyer, William Frederick.
  • Williams, Sybil Mary.
  • Wills, Kenneth Arkliss.
  • Woodley, Frederick Thomas.

Masters of Science With Honours.

Bydder, Edith Constance Gwenydd (1st Class in Zoology).

Hoben, Ernest Cormac (2nd Class in Chemistry).

Jeffreys, Frances Jean (1st Class in Zoology).

Kaberry, Alfred Charles (1st Class in Zoology).

McNaught, Kenneth John (1st Class in Chemistry).

Patterson, David (1st Class in Mathematics).

Stanley, Victor Alan (2nd Class in Physics).

page 26

Masters Of Science.

  • Hurley, John Joseph.
  • Lambourne, Sydney James.
  • Warner, Lionel Allan Cromwell.

Bachelors of Science.

  • Aitken, Graham Thoms.
  • Berry, Raymond Victor.
  • Bush, Elizabeth Jane.
  • Cairns, David.
  • Elphick, John Oliver.
  • Gidall, Alwyn Otto.
  • Hutchings, Jack William.
  • McIntosh, Ian Gordon.
  • Miller, Rani Estelle.
  • Searle, George.
  • Sellens, Ernest Lionel.
  • Sheard, Kenneth Arthur.
  • Smyth, Francis Mornington.
  • Taylor, Brook Abbott.
  • Watson-Munro, Charles Norman Machell.
  • Welch, Annie Lucy Kemble.
  • Wilson, Ronald Hamilton.

Masters of Laws With Honours.

Thomson, Noel McNair (2nd Class in International Law and Conflict of Laws, Contract and Torts, Negligence, etc.).

Willis, Walter Max (2nd Class in International Law and Conflict of Laws, Contract and Torts, Negligence, etc.).

Bachelors of Laws.

  • Arcus, Donald Wilfred.
  • Clendon, John Sidney.
  • Connell, Richard Calderwood.
  • Dollimore, Henry Nelson.
  • Grant, Phillip Noel.
  • Gully, Henry Russell.
  • McCarthy, Philip Alphonsus.
  • Miles, Phillip Chater.
  • Perry, Alfred Raymond.
  • Roussell, Eric Alwyn.
  • Sandeman, George Graeme.
  • Scott, Kenneth John.
  • Thomas, Ivan.
  • White, John Charles.

Masters of Commerce With Honours.

Hope, Gordon Robert James (2nd Class in Economics and Company Law).

Irwin, Donald Leolin (2nd Class in Economics and Company Law).

Master of Commerce.

  • Atkinson, Leonard Allan.

Bachelors of Commerce.

  • Anderson, Duncan Frederick.
  • Ashley-Jones, Arthur.
  • Boswell, David John.
  • Bowie, Philip Trent.
  • Brian, Alan.
  • Davis, Noel Richard.
  • Dent, Wilfred George.
  • Eggers, John Frederick.
  • Evans, Henry George.
  • Fanning, Hugo Stephen.
  • Greig, Bernard David Arthur.
  • Hall, Robert Preston.
  • Heenan, Arthur Leonard Grant.
  • Heggie, John Philp.
  • Kearney, John Henry.
  • McLeod, Donald Frederick.
  • Martin, Christopher.
  • Miller, John Sydney.
  • Oliver, Nigel William.
  • O'Shea, Alexander Paterson.
  • Perry (nee Savage). May.
  • Reid, Lester Herbert.
  • Scott, Jessica Sommerville.
  • Ward, Ronald.
  • Wells, Arthur John Lefevre.
  • Withy, Locksley.

Bachelor of Music.

  • Bannister, Barbara Merenea.

Diplomas In Education.

  • Brown, Joyce Miller.
  • Ewing, John Lithgow.
  • Forde, Catherine Stalker.

Diplomas In Social Science.

  • Anderson, Agnes Evelyn.
  • Clegg, Jesse Elias Bruce.
  • Mason, Malcolm John.
  • Pilcher, Dudley Mervyn.

Diploma in Banking.

  • Stace, Vernon Desmond.