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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1936

Football Club

page 77

Football Club

This season has been a very successful one for the Football Club. The College would have liked to see the First Fifteen finish at the top of its grade, but an unjustifiable loss removed any chance it had. However, it had a young team which improved considerably as the season progressed. Provided these players are available next season, the future of the Club is decidedly rosy. Burke was the outstanding forward while Eade was a good second. The backs were all sound in their own departments, Reid showing exceptional brilliance. Unfortunately we had the benefit of Parsons's ability for only a few games, as an injury placed him "on the bank."

The following played in the First Fifteen:—Tricklebank, Fitzgerald, Wild, Ekdahl, Reid, Parsons, Simm, Rae, Burke, Jackson, Cunliffe, Wilson, Blacker, Desborough, Thurston, Eade, Russell, Gibbons.

The team also played Auckland University at Auckland as a trial for the North Island team. We were well beaten, but attractive football was played by both sides.

In June, the annual match was played against Massey College, and after an exciting game we came out the losers 6-3. Our thanks are due to both Auckland and Massey for the hospitality lavished upon our players.

A return match was played against Massey as curtain-raiser to the North v. South Varsity game. We won 8-3, but neither team was up to full strength.

Junior A.

This team did exceptionally well, and at one stage, it was hopeful of annexing the championship. A loss to Wellington, however, spoilt its chances, The forwards were very even, with any honours going to Clendon, Maunder and Hanson. Of the backs, Buddle, Simm and Hoy were the most consistent. The team was ably led by Redwood.

Junior B.

Until meeting its Waterloo against Technical, this team was well in the running for the championship. It fielded a solid pack of forwards, with Eustace the only one outstanding. Mitchell was probably the best back, though all were good. Kissell should make a name for himself in higher grade football. Campbell seemed to keep control of the team ably.

Third A.

Lack of a regular second five-eighth handicapped this team. Still, they produced good football on occasions and showed great keenness. Campbell, Hutton, and Findlay were the best of the backs, while Hercus, Adam, and Rogers were the best forwards. The team was captained by Fraser.

Third B.

This team had very few regular players and was often forced to take the field short. They showed great club spirit and turned out faithfully each Saturday. Our thanks are due to Oliver, the captain, for the manner in which he kept the team together. The best forwards were Mitchinson and Halliwell, and Robertson and Kirkby were the best backs.

Third C.

This is the social team and we cannot learn much about it except that it wins every Saturday afternoon and then adjourns to the Gresham. The competition has not yet closed, but we think this team will head the list and bring home the only champ. Jeffs has been responsible for keeping the team together.


This team has not been the "fourths" of other years. Some of the players, Larkin the captain in particular, are exceptionally good. It is a young team and next season it will probably "come again."

Our thanks are due to Messrs. Mackay, Eckoff, Wilton, and Hislop, who unstintingly gave their time to coach the various teams.

Congratulations are offered to the following:—

N.Z.U. North Island team: Burke, Blacker, Eade, Parsons, Wild, Ekdahl, Tricklebank.

N.Z.U. Blues: Burke, Parsons, Tricklebank.

Wellington A Reps.: Burke.

Wellington Second Division Reps.. Reid, Ekdahl.

Junior Reps.: Simm, Hansen.