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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1947

Scholarships and Prizes Conferred Later in Year

Scholarships and Prizes Conferred Later in Year

Special Ex-Servicemen's Scholarship in Law: P. B. A. Sim; French Government Scholarship: S. T. H. Scoones; Post-Graduate Scholarship in Science: J. M. Ziman; Sir George Grey Scholarship: J. C. Hawke; Sir Robert Stout Scholarship: E. O. Hall; Alexander Crawford Scholarships: P. Whittle (Science), A. K. McGill (Arts); Emily Lilias Johnston Scholarships: Koi H. Taylor (Women), A. G. MacDiarmid (Men); Lissie Rathbone Scholarship: Barbara E. Stewart; Jacob Joseph Scholarship:

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B. J. Cullinane; Lady Stout Scholarship: Vivienne M. Rich; McCallum Scholarship in Law: R. G. Collins; Bruce Dall Prize: E. A. Hutt; John P. Good Prize: Thora Marwick; Macmorran Prize for Mathematics: P. Whittle; N.Z. Institute of Chemistry Prize: Thora Marwick; Butterworth Prize in Roman Law: P. B. A. Sim; Brown Prize in Classics: R. G. G. Coleman; Kirk Prize in Biology: Barbara H. Croker; William Purdie Bursary: E. B. Robinson; National Research Scholarships: R. D. Northey (Physics), R. J. W. McLaughlin (Geology).